Charles Barkley’s comments on Rudy Gobert fine leaves fans convinced of “NBA is fixed”

Charles Barkley is a national treasure on live television who after his retirement from the NBA, has placed himself as one of the top analysts out there. His hot takes and hilarious quips with fellow TNT broadcast colleagues are a gift that keeps giving.

Despite never winning the NBA championship, Chuck’s stacked resume is enough to vouch for his ball knowledge. But now one of his takes on Rudy Gobert has baffled a certified discreditor of the Frenchman, Shaquille O’Neal, and more so, has convinced the NBA fans of something no one can accept.

Charles Barkley goes after Rudy Gobert over $100K fine

Rudy Gobert stunned the NBA world with his gesture towards the referee that cost him a fine of $100,000. The opinionated Charles Barkley had some input to offer on the matter.

Barkley brutally criticized the Minnesota Timberwolves center and said that Gobert should have been suspended for his deed. The Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal, who was present in the panel of discussion, felt that suspension for the act was too severe but Chuck had a different opinion altogether.

The 61-year-old basketball analyst said, “The one thing we can never do in sports, ever, is make people think… it’s not fixed. If we ever get to the point if we found out, any sport, it will ruin the sport if people thought it was fixed.”

During the recent game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Cleveland Cavaliers, the French professional Rudy Gobert made a ‘money sign’ toward the game official because of a late call. The gesture implies that the game was fixed by the officials beforehand in exchange for financial benefits.

Despite Rudy Gobert’s gesture during the game, the Cleveland Cavaliers secured a 113-104 victory. However, Gobert faced consequences for his actions, receiving a hefty fine of $100,000. In a post-game interview, Gobert expressed concern about the growing influence of betting on the sport, stating, “I’ll be the bad guy. I’ll take the fine, but I think it’s hurting our game.”

However, he’s lucky that Chuck wasn’t the head of the decision-making panel in the NBA; otherwise, he wouldn’t have escaped from getting a suspension.

Fans react to Charles Barkley’s comment exposing ugly truth

Gobert after getting the sixth foul in the game, rubbed his fingers pointing towards the officials which gave hints that there was some betting involved in the game. The NBA community, who felt the fine amount was too harsh, now reacted to Charles Barkley’s take on the issue.

Below are some of the reactions on X (formerly Twitter) following Charles Barkley’s comment that exposed the ugly truth of betting:

An NBA fan, carefully following Barkley’s statement, sarcastically commented “So it IS fixed… we just gotta THINK it’s not. Gotcha. Chuck always coming thru for the people.”

Another fan felt the same and wrote, “Did Chuck just say “they can’t think the game is not fixed” and than say “if they found out””. Barkley said that the NBA community should not find out the games are not fixed, he certainly meant something different.

Supporting the act by the French center, a fan commented, “Game 100% has dirty refs. Clean that up. Not the players fault.”

While another fan boldly stated, “This is a NBA refs rigging games issue. Chuck mad Rudy finally called them out on it which ultimately affects his bottom line.”

Someone added, “Even they know 2002 was rigged. 2006 NBA Finals was even worse though! This was pre-legal gambling too. Rudy has a point. This is nothing new.”

In 2007, a betting scandal rocked the core of the NBA, involving referee Tim Donaghy. Surely, the NBA has taken some lessons from that debacle, or have they?

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