Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes reacts to Aaron Rodgers’ season-ending injury as anticipated showdown fizzles out

A ray of hope of clinching the second Lombardi Trophy was peeping into the New York Jets’ corridor after Aaron Rodgers joined the team. The Jets’ four months of speculation regarding the quarterback’s success only lasted for four snaps on the field due to his season-ending injury that also collected attention from the Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes.

Unquestionably, Rodgers and Pat are among the league’s best quarterbacks. As the matchup between the two players has yet to take place, Patrick Mahomes wished for Aaron Rodgers’ quick recovery so that he might appear in a game with the Jets’ superstar.

Patrick Mahomes disappointed as Rodgers matchup slips away

Mahomes has been in the league for more than six seasons, while Rodgers has kicked off his 19th NFL season this year. Surprisingly, the NFL world has never witnessed a matchup featuring the Chiefs’ hero and the former Green Bay Packer’s icon despite the fact that the Chiefs and Packers have faced off twice in these six seasons. 

The matchups were laid out in 2019, 2021, and this season, but each time a complication developed that prevented the football world from watching a breath-taking showdown between the two quarterbacks.

The two-time MVP was injured in 2019, and the four-time MVP was diagnosed with COVID-19 in 2021. Now that they got a third opportunity to play each other in Week 4, Aaron has suffered a season-ending injury. There might not be a fourth game since it will take time for Rodgers to recuperate from his injury and the quarterback is already approaching the end of his career.

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers (AP)

The two-time Super Bowl champion expressed concern for Rodgers after learning the worst possible news regarding his injury. According to reports, Rodgers would probably require 9 to 12 months to heal properly. The Chiefs QB expressed his goodwill for Aaron’s quick recovery so that they may play each other the next year.

“I mean I have no idea. Obviously, it sucks for not only him and his team but for the entire league because he is such a great player. Someone a lot of guys have looked up to throughout their entire career. You want to play the teams at their best, but that’s a long way down the road and I’m just praying for him that he’s able to heal himself, rehab and hopefully back again next year and maybe we get the opportunity then.”

Patrick Mahomes weighs in on Aaron Rodgers’ injury news

The Jet’s lofty expectations for A-rod were trashed in his first game in New York when he was sacked by the Bills’ veteran pass rusher Leonard Floyd. This led to Rodgers hurting his lower leg on the opening drive of the Jets’ thrilling Week 1 victory over the Buffalo Bills.

After the MRI indicated a full tear of his Achilles tendon, Rodgers is now sidelined for the remainder of the season. Therefore, the Chiefs’ reigning hero was on the frontline to convey his grief over Aaron’s injury as he prayed for the Jets’ offensive leader’s recovery before the MRI result broke out. 

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“Hate that, man… Praying for the best,” Mahomes wrote in his X post.

Zach Wilson will now compete against the Chiefs’ dua-threat quarterback Patrick Mahomes as the Jets’ starter in the Week-4 game. If Rodgers and Mahomes engage in their long-anticipated duel in the upcoming season remains to be seen.

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