Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes expresses strong desire to play flag football in 2028 Olympics

After losing their winning streak to the Denver Broncos and their quarterback Russell Wilson, the Kansas City Chiefs, led by Patrick Mahomes, are aiming to gear up themselves in week 9. The team will surely try to forget the nightmare of getting beaten by two comparatively weak teams, first the Detroit Lions, and most recently the Broncos.

While Wilson and his squad had been busy enjoying their Halloween party, Mahomes and his team had been practicing to avoid a loss in their upcoming match against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, Nov. 5 at Frankfurt Stadium. Besides the competitive landscape of the NFL, Pat has also shared his wish to be a participant in flag football in the 2028 Olympics.

Patrick Mahomes wants to play flag football in the 2028 Olympics

The National Football League (NFL) has made significant investments in flag football, and Pat has displayed a strong enthusiasm for getting involved in this milder form of the sport, stating definitively that he wishes to participate in the initiative.

Nevertheless, the seasoned player expressed reservations about his readiness, acknowledging that some athletes already possess the necessary skills. In addition to that, there are concerns about his age, as he would be 31 or 32 by the time the program is scheduled for 2028, raising questions about his physical endurance.

“I definitely want to. But I’ve seen some of those guys play the flag football. They’re a little faster than I am. I know there’s not like linemen blocking for you. I’ll be 31, 32 years old.

The Dolphins superstar Tyreek Hill earlier expressed his excitement to join flag football as well. Hence, despite having doubts about his athleticism, Pat has a hope to be part of the program.

“So if I can still move around then, I’m going to try to get out there and throw the football around maybe in LA.”

Besides revealing his interest in joining the campaign, the two-time Super Bowl champion also shed light on his availability in the week 9 match. The QB assured fans saying he was feeling “perfectly fine” and that he would not miss the contest.

Is flag football an Olympic sport?

Flag football is a unique twist on American football, where the game is all about the action and strategy without the physical tackling. It’s played with two teams of five players each on a 50-yard field, and unlike traditional football, there are no linemen involved. What’s exciting is that this sport has gained recognition and has been given the green light by the International Olympic Committee to be part of the 2028 Games in California.

The USA team is gearing up to showcase their talent and determination, with a strong desire to come out on top. What’s particularly intriguing is the expectation that a significant portion of their roster will be composed of active NFL players, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition.

Patrick Mahomes

Besides flag football, four other sports including cricket, lacrosse, baseball-softball, and squash had been approved for inclusion at the 2028 Summer Olympics. These games were voted in as a single package with only two dissenting votes from the members during a meeting in Mumbai, India, per Associated Press. Meanwhile, breakdance decided not to resume after making its Olympic debut in Paris next year.

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