Broncos end Patrick Mahomes’ TD streak as QB Russell Wilson shines to pull upset victory over Chiefs

Shannon Sharpe, in his analysis, highlighted Patrick Mahomes’ remarkable athleticism, a quality he has been determined to demonstrate since taking over the starting position from Alex Smith after his rookie season. His burgeoning career has already seen him engrave his name on numerous NFL records.

In adverse snowy conditions, the Chiefs took the field against the struggling Denver Broncos, headed by Russell Wilson. The NFL game, as always, continued to captivate fans, and this particular match served as yet another example, with Wilson outpacing Mahomes.

 Patrick Mahomes fails to hit TD pass

With offense leader Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs’ seasonal start was not noteworthy. The quarterback knew the level of trust the Chiefs used to apply to him; hence, putting forward a winning streak was not much toiling for him.

Amid these, while the situation comes to ink his name in the annals of the record book, the 28-year-old used to play with more enthusiasm. The Broncos matchup marked one of them in which Pat was given the opportunity to uphold two impressive records. 

Not only did the two-time MVP lose both chances, but he also failed to entertain his fans with his foot power. 

Losing the opportunity to prevail over the Broncos was not the only frustration for the Chiefs quarterback. Continuously missing the target, failing to showcase combined effort, and a poor guard in defense led the Chiefs to experience their second loss of the season.

The two-time Super Bowl winner threw two interceptions while receivers dropped several passes.  To record 241 yards, Patrick accumulated zero touchdowns, marking the first time this season for the quarterback to end a game without a touchdown.

“We didn’t play good enough. We didn’t hit our shots when they were there and then when they were there, we didn’t execute it,” he said.

The loss would be remembered by Patrick Mahomes for a long time due to one of his worst career performances, along with his second-lowest single-game QB rating (59.2) of his career. 

 Broncos stun Chiefs

The Chiefs embraced the worst pedestrian night after falling short to the Broncos in a 24-9 loss on Sunday, per Sports Illustrated. The night was projected for Patrick Mahomes to extend his supremacy over the Broncos after taking the field with a 12-0 record over the Denver team.

Whether you blame rough weather behind it or not, you must give credit to the Bronco’s hard labor to halt the 16-0 losing streak that the Chiefs starter also did not forget to mention.

“Props to them. They played their tail off and they deserved to win today.”

The offense of the Broncos team was too good to describe and a round of applause should be offered for their starter. While Patrick Mahomes failed to score just one touchdown, Russell stunned the Chief’s defense by tossing three touchdowns and accumulating 114 yards.

With his bounce-back performance, Wilson assisted his team beat the Kansas City team since they last defeated them on Sept. 17, 2015.

How do you like the Broncos team’s stunning performance?

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