Chiefs’ star Travis Kelce expresses confidence in team roster amid criticism

Kicking off the season with floating in the sky after a Lombardi Trophy-winning season, the Kansas City Chiefs digested their first blow in their season-opening contest. After winning back their predominance and beating the rivals at a stretch, the high-flying Travis Kelce and gang lost their appealing nature to the Denver Broncos in a disruptive manner.

Both offense and defense were out of rhythm, allowing the Broncos to get their third win of the season. The team’s disappointing performance was enough to be dispirited, though the Chief’s tight end is buoyant for bouncing back in the forthcoming week with their powerful roster.

Travis Kelce’s firm belief in Chiefs’ roster

Despite topping their division, the Chiefs team has been facing a lack of offensive consistency since the start of the season. The team certainly possesses a stroke of good luck for having offensive heroes like Travis Kelce and Mahomes and by dint of their powers, they can hope to look forward to winning the Super Bowl this season.

However, in the two-time Super Bowl winner’s eyes, his team does not lack any power that may create a hindrance in their way of winning. Claiming his team’s superiority regarding their roster, he uttered that the team has all the necessary tools to enjoy a winning streak.

“This team has every piece that it needs to be great. Everybody can talk about whatever they want to talk about that’s our weakness. I know that we got a team that can put points up.”

The Chiefs have lost one of their strongest weapons, Tyreek Hill, who was traded to the Miami Dolphins before the last season. While the Chiefs receiver has been failing continuously to put forward a good performance, Hill has already reached the verge of etching his name in the history of the NFL.

Kelce disappointed over Chiefs’ offensive display vs Broncos

Week 8 presented the Chiefs in a manner that none of the team fans ever projected. They stepped into the field, placing their heads high with an impressive 16-0 record over the Broncos.

At last, the Chiefs welcomed their second loss of the season, leading the team to lose the supremacy that they had been enjoying since 2015. Alongside Mahomes, Travis Kelce also experienced a bad night, recording just 6-of-9 targets for 58 yards and receiving a hit from NFL great Shannon Sharpe.

Travis Kelce himself was not satisfied with his team’s performance and he was bold enough to reveal it. On his podcast with his brother Jason Kelce, the 34-year-old uttered the play as one-sided, where the Chiefs were pocketed by the Broncos during the whole game.

Travis Kelce

“Our defense is playing their tail off, man. And for us to keep turning it over, putting them in bad positions and them saving our tail, it’s getting real one-sided, ” he said per Fox News.

In spite of possessing a strong roster, bolstered by Mahomes, the Chief’s disastrous 24-9 result is a source of irritation for the whole team that perhaps will work as a nightmare for them at least before their bounce-back performance.

“It’s just frustrating, man… We’ve got, in my mind, the best offensive mind in the game [Reid], we’ve got the best quarterback [Mahomes]. So this is unacceptable, and we all feel that way. Don’t think we’re not feeling the urgency.”

Besides the Chief’s 16-0 records, Mahomes himself was the owner of a 12-0 winning streak over the Broncos. Nevertheless, Week 8 saw him leave the field performing one of his worst plays, scoring zero touchdowns for the first time this season.

It will remain to be seen if the Chiefs can regain their former fierce look again.

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