Chiefs’ TE Travis Kelce opens up about hilarious old tweets in candid podcast segment

From a sports celebrity to a household name is said to be a proper storyline of Kansas City Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce this season. Photos and social media contacts between Kelce and the pop diva have inspired enormous intrigue, sending the sports world and entertainment lovers into a frenzy of gossip.

In the midst of his widespread renown, Kelce’s notorious past before his football career became public recently. The player had to air his points of view because they were getting in the way of his growing popularity over the years.

Travis Kelce addresses old tweets

The Chiefs met their third setback of this season days ago, beaten by Jason Kelce’s Philadelphia Eagles due to a blooper by the Chiefs’ star receiver. Whatever’s on the field, the brother duo always keeps themselves away from all types of frustration with a broad smile that they let out through their appearance on their “New Heights” podcast.

Nevertheless, during his weekly presence on the podcast, besides football and Swift buzz, Travis Kelce shared his viral tweets that were dug up by some of his fans on the podcast. 

The 34-year-old was in a hurry to spread his name all over the country, letting his fans know about his daily activities, even the time he was going to nap. It’s something like fans were yearning to learn them, and he was providing the news.

The hilarious acts of young Kelce recalled his actions as if he were lacking a diary. Hence, he decided to share his feelings with his probable future fans without giving much thought to typos and misspellings in his post.

“What’s hilarious is that nobody followed me back then. I was just using Twitter as like a diary. I’m just out here just saying nonsense. ‘I just gave a squirrel a piece of bread’ and spelled squirrel like a jackass. … This is why I don’t tweet anymore because it’s just nonsense.”

After kicking off his career with the Chiefs, the star tight end attempted to delete those humorous tweets. Perhaps he was too busy to deal with those things that unfolded a scenario to see another jocular site of the superstar who recently filed for multiple trademarks

Travis’ old tweet expressing love for hockey goes viral

Among Travis Kelce’s viral tweets, one of them was from 2014, the genre of which was his admiration and keen love for hockey. The Kelce brothers had a prosperous and a lot of golden moments on the hockey field back before their NFL journey.

In the viral tweet, the two-time Super Bowl winner’s tight end unraveled his thrust to gear up again as a hockey player.

“I really love Hockey… I haven’t stepped on the ice since I quit after playing 8 years… But that’s got to change! I miss it too much,” he wrote in the post, per RMNB.

The unearthed tweet garnered the attention of Bauer Hockey, and the hockey organization let Kelce know of their interest in fulfilling the Chiefs’ tight end’s dream in a tweet. They promised to provide him with the equipment he would need to suit up again in response to his post on the old X thread.

What’s your take on Travis Kelce’s infamous tweets? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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