NBA legend Michael Jordan surpassed by Prince William in 2023’s “sexiest bald man” rankings

NBA legend and Hall of Famer Michael Jordan has a knack for being the absolute best wherever he finds himself. The game’s biggest superstar joined the Chicago Bulls in 1984, dazzled exceptionally on the court, and earned not just the six-time NBA championships, but fame as the greatest in the league’s history which many can still argue.

Michael Jordan, now a renowned businessman, haven attained a remarkable feat in the business world but has lost the top spot in popular celebrity rankings to Prince Williams.

Michael Jordan surpassed by Prince William

Michael Jordan, who excelled in almost everything he did, remains one of the basketball greats globally. Surprisingly, in the category of the “Sexiest Bald Man of 2023,” legend MJ has been surpassed by Prince William.

As per a post on X by Pubity, Prince William claims the title of the sexiest bald man of the year with a rating of 9.88, followed by Vin Diesel (8.81), Jason Statham (8.51), Samuel L Jackson (7.31), Jeff Bezos (7.12), Michael Jordan (7.95), Dwayne Johnson (6.90), Shemar Moore (6.75), Shaquille O’Neal (6.50), and Terry Crews (6.32) completing the top 10 list.

Michael Jordan surpassed by Prince William   as the  2023's "sexiest bald man" in the recent rankings.
Michael Jordan Via Getty

For Jordan and his fans, this might be perplexing, given that, among the top-ranking men, many can attest to Jordan’s well-maintained image over his 60 years. Interestingly, another NBA legend, Shaquille O’Neal, made the list below Jordan at 9th.

The surveying agency considered factors such as net worth, the frequency of celebrities being searched shirtless or naked by fans in the past year, and the shine factor of the best-waxed scalps in the world.

While Prince William clinching the title may bewilder most people, it’s worth noting that he had previously won the title in 2020 and 2021, displacing last year’s winner, actor Vin Diesel, to secure this year’s title.

Jordan broke into America’s Top 400 wealthiest people

After Michael Jordan’s 2003 retirement, he committed to the business world, where he was able to transition his on-court dominance successfully.

According to Forbes, Michael Jordan has been ranked among America’s 400 wealthiest people. Jordan sits at number 379, and his decision to sell his majority stake in the Charlotte Hornets earlier in the year contributed. Michael Jordan purchased the Charlotte Hornets for approximately $275 million in 2010.

Michael Jordan surpassed by Prince William   as the  2023's "sexiest bald man" in the recent rankings.
Michael Jordan Via Getty

Forbes also estimates Jordan’s current net worth to be approximately $3 billion. In 2015, Jordan attained billionaire status, in which Nike’s endorsement deal, and lucrative contracts (Hanes, Gatorade, and Upper Deck) played a big role.

Michael Jordan has also proven to be a great philanthropist, after previously donating a record-breaking $10 million to Make A Wish America to celebrate his 60th birthday. Jordan’s donation to the foundation was the biggest any individual had given to the foundation in its 43 years of existence.

With an estimated worth of $251 billion, Elon Musk takes the lead on the Forbes 400, surpassing Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, whose wealth is estimated at $161 billion. Forbes suggests that the collective wealth of America’s 400 richest individuals stands at $4.5 trillion, matching the record set in 2021.

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