Chris Weidman next fight: when is the former MW champion fighting again?

Chris Weidman, once a rising middleweight fighter on the UFC roster and former champion, secured incredible victories at a young age. Chris even won against the dominant champion in the UFC middleweight category, Anderson Silva.

Weidman defeated the legendary Brazilian MMA fighter not once, but twice. Subsequently, he successfully defended the title twice until Luke Rockhold ended his title reign. Since UFC 194 in 2015, Weidman has experienced an inconsistent winning streak, with 7 losses in 9 bouts.

When is Chris Weidman fighting next?

Earlier at the UFC 292 event, Chris Weidman lost a fight via unanimous decision against Brad Tavares, leading to a drop in his rankings. Weidman, who once ended Anderson Silva’s 16-fight win streak, is now facing a career downturn with consistent losses. His current record ranges from 13 wins with no losses to 15 wins with seven losses.

Now Weidman will be competing at the UFC fight night 239 event just two days prior to the biggest upcoming main event, UFC 300, where Dana White also made confirmation about bringing a few legends back to the UFC.

Now, if Chris Weidman faces another defeat, his fight against the Brazilian at UFC Atlantic City on March 30th could potentially be his last fight. Bruno Silva, with 23 wins against 10 losses in 33 total bouts, stands as a formidable opponent for Weidman.

How is Chris Weidman’s leg injury?

After inflicting a leg break injury on Anderson Silva at UFC 168, Weidman faced significant criticism for his kick-checking skills. However, nine years later, he found himself on the receiving end when Uriah Hall delivered a powerful kick at UFC 261.

Similar to Silva’s situation, Weidman, after throwing the kick, realized his leg was broken, and he fell to the ground. The unexpected turn of events stunned everyone, including Uriah Hall, who, despite the shock, claimed the victory.

Weidman underwent immediate surgery, during which a rod was placed in his leg to stabilize the fractured shin. Once Chris made his return to UFC 292, fans anticipated the return of the former champ, but Christ revealed that after fighting against Brad Tavares, he again suffered some injuries to his leg. However, now it looks like he is ready for his last run in the UFC at the age of 39.Via Sportskeeda.

What do you think Chris Weidman will win the bout and can relive the same glory he did nine years ago when he defeated the UFC middleweight most dominant champion, or will this be a good bye match for the 39-year-old?


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