How many CFP championships has the Washington Huskies won?

The No. 2 Washington Huskies squad triumphed over the No. 3 Texas Longhorns team and solidified their berth in the national championship showdown against Michigan. Spearheaded by Michael Penix’s consistently outstanding displays, the Huskies powered through, primed and ready to contend for yet another College Football Playoff championship crown.

With aspirations soaring and the stakes escalating, the stage is set for a thrilling face-off as Penix, who earlier showed similarity with the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and Huskies brace for their imminent quest to clinch the coveted CFP title once more. Ahead of the intense clash, let’s know a brief history of their championship titles.

How many national championships have Washington Huskies won?

As of 2024, the Washington Huskies have secured two official national titles. Their initial win dates back to 1960, when they emerged victorious in the Rose Bowl against the Minnesota Golden Gophers, seizing the title with a commanding 17-6 victory via Marca.

However, the narrative of the Huskies’ national championship tally can expand when considering certain acclaimed campaigns. While officially credited with two titles, the team’s legacy extends to successful seasons in 1910, 1984, and 1990, which, if counted, could elevate their national championship count to five, although these are not universally recognized as official titles.

Beyond championship accolades, the Washington Huskies hold remarkable records, including an impressive 64-game unbeaten streak and the second-longest winning streak in FBS history with 40 consecutive victories. The program also boasts a history of excellence, with a total of 13 unbeaten seasons, including eight perfect seasons.

Renowned for quarterback development, the program stands as a revered institution nurturing football talent, which earned them the moniker “Quarterback U.” A long lineage of quarterbacks progressing to the NFL also underscores their legacy. The Huskies’ feat further extends, with 15 former players and coaches receiving induction into the esteemed College Football Hall of Fame.

When was last time Huskies won championship?

The year was 1991 when the Washington Huskies etched their name in college football history, securing their last National Championship triumph. Their exceptional campaign in ’91 culminated in a flawless 12-0 record. The year saw them earn the prestigious Coaches’ Trophy, the FWAA Grantland Rice Trophy, and the NFF MacArthur Bowl. However, their claim to the sole title was shared, with the AP Poll choosing to split the honor with the undefeated Miami Hurricanes.

Washington Huskies
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The championship picture painted a tight race between Washington and Miami, as both teams vied for the top spot in the polls. Washington narrowly edged out Miami in the coaches’ poll by securing victory by a mere nine votes, while Miami clinched the AP poll by a close margin of four votes.

The defining moment of their championship journey unfolded at the Rose Bowl, where the Huskies clashed against Michigan. By displaying unparalleled skill and determination, they dominated the game and secured a resounding 34-14 victory. They had to wait almost three decades to taste the glory of the championship in 1991.


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