Former WWE star Dolph Ziggler uploads snapshot with brother Ryan following appearance at NJPW

Former World Champion Dolph Ziggler was among the superstars released in September due to new regulations implemented by WWE following the merger. After a 19-year run with WWE, “The Showoff” found himself out of the spotlight.

Recent sources reveal that the veteran wrestler has made an appearance at an NJPW event under his real name, Nic Nemeth. However, his presence was more of a special audience role than an in-ring debut. Speculations about him recruiting his brother for a similar job promotion started circulating after he posted a selfie online.

Dolph Ziggler shares selfie with Ryan

Two days ago, Dolph Ziggler shocked everyone by making an unexpected appearance at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 18 after leaving WWE in September 2023. In a bout between Bishamon and the Guerrillas of Destiny for the NJPW tag team championship, Ziggler and his brother Ryan Nemeth made a spectacular entrance, hinting they may join the tag team scene in NJPW.

After leaving WWE, Ryan Nemeth was very busy with stand-up comedy performances and the “Hunkamania” tour, which he co-produced. Nemeth may be looking for in-ring competition options in Japan now that his no-compete contract with WWE has expired, but the reason behind his presence at Wrestle Kingdom is still a mystery.

Dolph Ziggler
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Following David Finlay’s triumph at Wrestle Kingdom and a violent altercation between Ziggler and David, rumors began to circulate regarding a potential NJPW future appearance. Ziggler’s Instagram post, which reads “wanted men” in Japanese, only adds gasoline to the fire.

Will Dolph and Ryan compete in NJPW?

Fans are curious about Dolph Ziggler’s planned entrance into NJPW, and they want to know whether he’ll continue using Nick Nemeth or reveal a new persona. Recently, Nemeth discussed his behavior in an interview with NJPW.

Dolph Ziggler
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Afterwards, Ziggler took to Twitter to reveal his new move with a promotional video. The video hinted at something related to Japan and depicted Ziggler getting into a fight with a zombie at a pub. On January 6, 2024, at NJPW’s Euphoria event, Ziggler is set to face Ray Gonzalez. Meanwhile, Ryan Nemeth openly discussed his plans and suggested the potential for greater collaboration with his brother.

The likelihood of the brothers competing for the same wrestling company increases when Ryan’s contract with AEW expires in the early spring of 2024. Maybe, two brothers from the Nemeth family will soon be competing for the same wrestling company in countries other than the United States.


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