“CJ Stroud will have more rings than Tom Brady”: NFL Twitter reacts to Texans win over Colts in dramatic turn of events

This season was a roller coaster for the Houston Texans, who were led by quarterback CJ Stroud. They suffered their first defeat of the 2023 season in Week 3 against the Indianapolis Colts, following their opening loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Fortunately, the team has now secured their playoff run by beating the Colts in a rematch in their Week 8 season finale.

The Colts’ race to the playoffs was nothing short of excellence. The loss of their veteran star Tank Dell to a season-ending injury dealt a severe blow, which was further compounded by Stroud’s concussion during a game. However, the team’s QB1 bounced back stronger, and his performance in Week 18 paved the way for the squad’s next journey.

Texans repeat result from last year that earned them CJ Stroud

The Texans triumphed over the Colts in Week 18, clinching a playoff spot in a nail-biting 23-19 victory. This win was a mirror image of last year’s game on January 8, 2023, where the Texans’ win caused the Colts to drop from the No. 1 pick to No. 2, eventually leading to the Texans securing CJ Stroud.

Drafted as the second overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the QB found himself in the unanticipated position of leading his youthful Texans team toward a shot at postseason glory. Fast forward to the 2024 season finale against the Colts, and his impact was undeniable.

The game illuminated the brilliance of CJ Stroud, as he showcased a masterful performance by demonstrating composure and skill beyond his years. Guided by head coach DeMeco Ryans, the team also epitomized the signal-caller’s exceptional play on the field. Stroud’s statistics were nothing short of spectacular, completing an impressive 20 of 26 passes for 264 yards and delivering two crucial touchdowns, via Toro Times.

NFL fans react to CJ stroud leading the way

In the match vs Colts, CJ Stroud’s right read of Nico Collins’ early touchdown also garnered attention. It was the first time in the 2023 NFL season that a franchise recorded a TD on its first offensive play of the game. The NFL community rallied on social media to heap praise on the rookie star for his incredible performance on the field.


Stroud’s personal life has been filled with multiple struggles. As his father has been serving in jail since his childhood, the QB’s family has had to sustain adversity since his childhood. Moving forward to the NFL, after playing under coach DeMeco Ryans, the signal-caller has been defying the odds by performing incredibly well on the field.

A fan wrote, “Crazy how much a good QB and good coach can do for a team. From poverty to riches in one season, what a season for the Texans.

After smashing records by ranking second in the Ohio State Buckeyes’ history with a staggering 8,123 passing yards along with 85 touchdowns, Stroud kicked off his NFL career. The QB continued his performance level in the NFL as well, and many fans believe he may outperform NFL GOAT Tom Brady at some point.

A netizen wrote, “CJ will have more rings than Tom Brady.”

As the Texans have now secured their playoff run, it remains to be seen if CJ Stroud and Co can continue their performance level in the upcoming games as well.


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