Devin Haney delivers stone-cold warning to “p*ssy boi” Ryan Garcia after highly anticipated boxing bout potentially cancelled

Devin Haney was all ready to defend his title against Ryan Garcia. It is now that his old rival has upset Haney after he made a big move ahead of their next bout. Garcia and Devin were both announced to be stepping inside the ring against each other.

But Fighter of the Year 2023 Devin Haney got the biggest surprise after they were almost ready to have the decider match-up between their 3-3 rivalry stands. Garcia dropped a bomb recently on their potential match-up.

Devin Haney lashes out at Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia recently announced on his Twitter handle that he had the desire to compete against Rolly Romero instead of Devin Haney. Garcia requested his team and boss, Oscar De La Hoya, to make adjustments to the upcoming bout.

After learning about the changes Garcia is looking for, Haney surely didn’t like the way his opponent changed. Devin didn’t look that convinced by the statement or request of the 25-year-old after their rivalry had already heated up recently on social media.

Devin Haney tweeted, “Don’t ever mention my name, pussy boi,” giving a warning not to take his name anywhere after Ryan Garcia announced he was looking to fight “The Dream.”

Later Ryan replied, “You’ll be back, 30KPPV.” Not clearing the exact mean, but the anticipations are that he will surely approach to make their rivalry-ending fight happen at some other time. Recently, Devin Haney defeated Regis Prograis, making low 50k pay-per-view buys at the December 9th, 2023, event. So, it can also be the reason for Garcia to become wary after he was witnessed by boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

What is next for Devin Haney?

Ryan Garcia already made a tweet about his change of plans, making Devin Haney wait for a long time after sparking the rivalry fight. The tweet “KingRy” posted was, “I’ve notified my team I’m going a different route. My intent now is to fight Rolando Romero. I pray my team backs me on this decision. Oscar, make this fight happen. That’s the move. BIGGER FIGHT, BIGGER BUSINESS. #GarciaRomero”

Now fans are in guessing mode as to see undefeated fighter Devin Haney is competing against whom. Though “Kingry” suggested Haney compete against Richardson Hitchins in his bout, telling “The Dream” about his Rolly Romero bout might take place but also took a dig on low pay-per-view selling from Haney’s fight. He also reminded him that he doesn’t need a 25-year-old champion, but the champion needs him.

Ryan suggested his next opponent in a tweet, “After what happens to Rollies, the dev fight will be there and even bigger. Everyone is critiquing now. I will end up seeing it as a better move. Plus, he can go fight Richardson Hitchens. Go do your 30k PPV buys. I don’t need you, dev, you need me.”

What do you think Devin Haney will accept the bout against Ryan Garcia in the future the way he did some time ago?

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