Colin Cowherd brutally criticizes Aaron Rodgers, Jets for wrecking the season: “This whole thing has been nonsense”

Ever since Aaron Rodgers joined forces with the New York Jets in their pursuit of a Super Bowl victory, hardly a day passes without his name gracing the headlines, despite his season coming to an abrupt end due to injury. With the Jets’ persistent playoff drought this season, Rodgers’ hopes for a comeback were also extinguished.

A promotion to the active roster was extended to Rodgers despite his confirmation that he would not play again this season, a development that triggered the ire of NFL analysts Colin Cowherd, unable to restrain his criticism of the former Green Bay Packers quarterback and his rehabilitation journey.

Colin Cowherd criticizes Aaron Rodgers and Jets’ PR strategy

In the ever-evolving drama of Aaron Rodgers’ season, the latest chapter unfolds as Colin Cowherd takes a critical stance on the quarterback’s decision to officially sit out the remainder of the games. Rodgers, who had tantalized fans with hints of a potential return despite his injury, faced scrutiny from the outspoken sports commentator for his continued presence on the sidelines and in team activities.

Cowherd, not one to mince words, expressed his discontent with Rodgers’ situation and mentioned his presence on the 53-man roster as a “win of PR” due to A-Rod’s ability to lead the Jets to win a game.

With captioning his take as “This whole thing has been nonsense,” Collin did not shield away from pointing his finger at Aaron Rodgers’s whole activities in the midst of his rehabilitation. 

“So if you can’t win games, let’s try to win PR. Just the silly circus continues. He’s been on the sidelines on the headset, he’s traveling with the team, he’s on the sidelines, he’s at practice. We see him throwing the ball around, but now it’s official. He’s been activated on the Jets roster because he’s so good around the team. Really?”

Since tearing his Achilles, the 40-year-old has been actively participating in many of the Jets’ activities, which started with their battle with the Kansas City Chiefs. From crutches, he was spotted throwing passes within just one week.

Coach Robert Saleh provided a significant update on Wednesday, revealing that Rodgers is being activated from the injured reserve list, garnering criticism from fans for the team’s non-committal attitude toward Nick Bawden.

The timing of this activation holds significance, as the team has until Wednesday to decide whether Rodgers will practice with the squad or revert back to IR for the rest of the season, where he cannot participate in practice.

Colin Cowherd compared Kirk Cousins’ injury to Aaron Rodgers’

Two quarterbacks facing a similar Achilles injury, Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins, showcase distinct approaches to dealing with adversity and maintaining a sense of balance beyond the gridiron.

Cowherd drew attention to the contrasting reactions of the two quarterbacks to their injuries. In his recent discussion, he highlighted Rodgers’ active presence despite the injury and compared it to Cousins’ understated approach.

The NFL analyst pointed out that Cousins, secure in himself and happily married with a beautiful family, finds contentment away from the constant need for validation and attention.

“You know who else tore his Achilles? Kirk Cousins, and you haven’t heard a word,” Cowherd remarked, per Sportskeeda. “Because Kirk Cousins doesn’t need 24/7 validation and attention, updates on a weekly basis. (He) doesn’t need to play a game with PR. Kirk Cousins, who’s very secure with himself, happily married, beautiful family, end of a cul-de-sac, dogs. Life doesn’t revolve around Kirk Cousins.”

Opting for “speed bridge” surgery to expedite his return within the season, Rodgers not only tackled his rehabilitation vigorously but also remained an active presence in the Jets’ locker room.

On the other hand, Kirk Cousins, who suffered the same Achilles injury during the October 29 win over the Packers, chose a quieter path. While Rodgers embraced an active role within the team despite his physical limitations, Cousins opted for a low-key recovery process. Despite being a looming free agent after the current season, Cousins has stayed largely out of the spotlight, focusing on healing and spending quality time with his family.

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