NFL reportedly denied Dom DiSandro’ appeal with a $100,000 fine to Eagles for Dre Greenlaw incident

The Philadelphia Eagles, once a majestic force with just one loss to their name, have been grounded in a brutal three-week tailspin. Their misfortune began in Week 13, when they were decimated by the San Francisco 49ers in a humiliating 19-42 defeat. This gut punch was followed by further losses to the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks, sending the Eagles plummeting from the top of the NFC East.

The Eagles Week 13 loss also hit the headlines for an infamous sideline drama between their security chief, Dom DiSandro, and 49ers linebacker, Dre Greenlaw. The brawl earned Dom a suspension from the sidelines, and the NFL reportedly decided to uphold the suspension.

NFL remains firm in their decision on Dom DiSandro

The NFL has reportedly remained unwavering in its decision to impose a sideline suspension on Dom DiSandro and a hefty $100,000 fine on the Eagles team. This decision came after the league denied an appeal by the Philly team regarding the penalties, according to sources familiar with the situation, as reported by The Associated Press. Despite a meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell during the appeal process, the league upheld the punishment.

The Philly team was fined, and DiSandro was ejected from the sideline. While the Eagles have paid the fine, their security chief remains restricted from the sidelines but is allowed to fulfill other work obligations and travel with the team. There is a glimmer of hope as the veteran is anticipated to return to the sidelines for the postseason.

Meanwhile, Greenlaw, despite his involvement in the altercation, did not receive a suspension. Instead, the NFL fined him $10,927 for an unnecessary roughness penalty against the Eagles’ wide receiver DeVonta Smith, which led to the altercation with Dom DiSandro.

The NFL cited Article 8 of the NFL rulebook to justify the veteran’s suspension. This article prohibits non-player personnel from engaging in unnecessary physical contact or directing abusive, threatening, or insulting behavior towards opponents, officials, or league representatives. Any violations before, during, or after the game could result in disqualification and disciplinary action by the Commissioner.

This incident even forced the league to issue a memo to all franchises to highlight a zero-tolerance policy towards club personnel engaging in altercations with players from opposing teams.

Dre Greenlaw claims he apologized to Dom DiSandro

Despite the intense moment with Dom DiSandro in Week 13, Dre Greenlaw claimed he extended an apology to the Eagles security chief. He shed light on his lack of animosity towards the Philly veteran.

In a subsequent interview, the linebacker expressed his regret at the infamous incident by expressing its novelty in his extensive football career. He spoke admiringly of DiSandro and described him as a “genuine guy” as well as a beloved figure within the Eagles’ organization.

“He seemed like a genuine guy, seemed like a guy that everybody loved in the building. Honestly, I really hate that it escalated and went to that. That’s never something I ever been a part of or seen in the game.”

The alleged altercation occurred as Greenlaw found himself at the center of an on-field scuffle following a forceful tackle on DeVonta Smith, the Eagles’ wide receiver, near the sideline. The Eagles’ coaching staff and players immediately reached the scene, and DiSandro intervened by pulling Greenlaw away from Smith.

The 49ers star later reacted by reaching over officials to touch Big Dom’s face with a closed fist. The incident earned the ejection of both Greenlaw and the Eagles’ security chief from the game. While the 49ers’ coach, Kyle Shanahan, sided with his player, expressing support for Greenlaw, DiSandro received a standing ovation from the passionate Eagles’ fan base.

Despite the varying perspectives and reactions, this incident will remain one of the most significant sideline dramas of the season.


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