Colin Cowherd take from 2023 spectacularly backfires after CJ Stroud and Texans’ march to playoffs: “not talented enough”

CJ Stroud has been a popular figure in the NFL community due to his humble personality and honest attitude. Days ago, sports enthusiasts heaped praise on him for displaying his faith in God. He was also lauded for being a vocal supporter for his father, who is serving in the jail for several years now.

Keeping aside his off-field accolades, Stroud also hit the headlines several times due to his incredible display of performance. While top draft picks sometimes falter and lose charms, the quarterback continued his excellence in the NFL like he did in his college career. Nevertheless, some analysts raised eyebrows about his caliber, which debunked following his performance in season finale match.

Colin Cowherd’s CJ Stroud take from 2023 comes back to bite him

The NFL world is no stranger to hot takes and bold predictions, but sometimes these statements come back to haunt even the most seasoned analysts. Colin Cowherd’s assessment of CJ Stroud’s potential in 2023 is a prime example of a premature judgment that has resurfaced to showcase just how off the mark it was.

Following a resounding victory against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 18, the Texans secured a playoff spot for the first time in several years, and their QB exhibited his prowess in the 23-19 win. However, the recent success of Stroud stands in stark contrast to Cowherd’s comments from 2023. The sports analyst had cast doubt on the signal-caller’s potential to excel in the NFL due to what he deemed as unfavorable circumstances in the team.

The analyst also highlighted the Texans’ inexperienced coaching staff, an unconventional team owner, and what he perceived as a below-average roster, saying, “Rookie defensive head coach, Rookie offensive coordinator, Weird owner, below average roster.”

Colin boldly concluded that Stroud “not talented enough” to overcome these challenges. NFL insider Dov Kleiman uploaded the video on X and labeled it as the “worst take” in 2023.

Fast forward to the Texans Week 18 match against the Colts, Stroud has been smashing the rivals with his incredible athleticism. He is doing so without his veteran receiver Tank Dell, who sustained a season-ending injury earlier.

The QB also missed other key receivers like Robert Woods and Noah Brown. However, his connection with remaining receiver Nico Collins has been instrumental in maintaining the Texans’ offensive momentum.

CJ Stroud boosts his stocks his remarkable 75-yard throw

The NFL’s 2023 draft set the stage for a thrilling turn of events, as CJ Stroud, selected as the second overall pick, became the linchpin for the Texans’ unforeseen rise. An incredible win during that season reshuffled the order, giving the team the opportunity to secure the young star. Fast forward to the 2024 season finale against the Colts, and Stroud’s impact reverberated through the league.

Early in the game, with just over nine minutes remaining in the first quarter, Stroud sealed a play-action by unleashing a remarkable 75-yard bomb towards receiver Nico Collins. The precision of the QB’s throw left rookie cornerback JuJu Brents in the dust and paved the way for Collins to secure his eighth touchdown of the season.

The Texans signal-caller completed 20 of 26 passes while amassing an impressive 264 yards and notching two touchdowns. This achievement made his entry into the annals of NFL history as only the fifth rookie QB to breach the 4,000 passing yards mark. Besides that, CJ Stroud’s partnership with his first-year coach DeMeco Ryans also earned them the feat to become the first rookie quarterback-coach duo to steer their team into the postseason since 2012.

It is incredible to even think how a promising young star along with a new coach can push a team towards a playoff run while even big teams with veteran coaches and players stumble.


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