Kevin Owens issues stern warning to Logan Paul after brutal KO at WWE SmackDown: “Hit him in his stupid face”

The January 5th SmackDown program set the stage for the upcoming Royal Rumble event. The show has already created a stir in the wrestling world as the top contender for the US Championship was revealed, also contributing to the high ratings of the program.

Now it has been confirmed that At Royal Rumble 2024, Kevin Owens will face Logan Paul after securing his position as SmackDown’s #1 contender. Owens’ victory against Santos Escobar heightened excitement around the WWE Universal title.

Kevin Owens aims to beat Logan Paul at Royal Rumble

An exciting eight-man competition began on SmackDown in December 2023, with a chance to challenge Logan Paul for the US title as the grand prize. The final match between Santos Escobar and Kevin Owens was set up after Kevin defeated Dragon Lee and Bobby Lashley (with a hint of controversy), while Escobar defeated Austin Theory and Carmelo Hayes.

In the tournament finals on SmackDown’s New Year’s Revolution program, Kevin Owens defeated Santos Escobar and became the number one contender for Logan Paul’s US Championship. This is indeed an exciting beginning to the new year as Owens and The Maverick prepare for their fierce rivalry for the blue brand crown.

Kevin Owens
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Breaking his silence after their confrontation on Friday Night SmackDown ring, Owens addressed Logan in a post-match interview. Owens sent a strong message to the current US champion by stating his intention to win the championship at Royal Rumble. Owens made it apparent that the rivalry was only getting started by pledging to win by whatever means necessary, even if Paul stood at ringside during the bout.

He said in the SmackDown Lowdown, “I don’t even wanna know what you were up to. I don’t want to. Nobody does. The point is I’m going to beat you and I’m going to restore the prestige to the US title as a Canadian.”

Logan Paul shares pic of bruised face after Kevin Owen’s assault

This week on SmackDown’s New Year Revolution program, Logan Paul voiced his disagreement with the dramatic #1 contender battle for the US Championship. The bout took a shocking turn when the United States champion received a heavy hit to the face from Kevin Owens, who secured a shot at the championship by defeating Santos Escobar.

Kevin Owens
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The US title holder’s Instagram post raises the possibility that Owens’ hit was more vicious and genuine than normal. Posting a selfie of his bruised face to his Instagram account, Logan Paul acknowledged the powerful blow delivered by Owens and said, “He actually got me.”

You can trace the legendary history between Kevin Owens and Logan Paul all the way back to WrestleMania 37. Based on their history of animosity, who do you think will win the Royal Rumble US title match? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 


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