Combined effort of three sons “provokes a tear” for Deion Sanders

Upon assuming the role of head coach for the Colorado Buffaloes, Deion Sanders sealed a pivotal change by introducing his son, Shedeur Sanders, as the team’s starter. The Sanders father-son tandem had an initial impact, swiftly breaking the team’s losing streak within the first three games of the season.

However, the latter part of the NCAA games witnessed a significant struggle for the Buffaloes under Coach Prime’s guidance. Amid the team’s challenges, the trio of Coach Prime’s sons managed to touch their father’s heart with a demonstration of profound love and appreciation.

 Deion Sanders left emotionally by three sons

Deion Sanders is set to enjoy a new milestone off the field due to his sons Shilo, Shedeur, and Deion Sanders Jr. The trio surprised their father with the purchase of a new home in the picturesque mountains of Colorado.

For Coach Prime, this gesture from his sons is like winning a championship on the football field, a moment that almost brought tears to his eyes.

In a heartwarming video capturing the moment, Coach Prime is seen taking in the breathtaking view from his new mountain home, expressing his disbelief at the thoughtful gesture from his sons.

For y’all three to do, you know, wanna put it together so to make sure I’m straight when you are gone. That’s unbelievable, son. It almost provokes a tear,” Sanders said.

Shedeur, his quarterback son, receives heartfelt gratitude from Coach Prime, who is deeply moved by their gesture of ensuring his well-being even after they have moved on.

The video also captures a light-hearted exchange between Shedeur and Coach Prime, with Shedeur playfully suggesting that his father’s life is now complete. However, Coach Prime, always focused on the game, reminds his sons that true completion comes from winning on the field.

“We gotta win, that’s when it’s complete!” he said.

As the family celebrates this significant off-field accomplishment, Coach Prime remains grounded, with his sights set on the upcoming football season. Shilo and Shedeur, following impressive college careers, are set to declare for the 2025 NFL draft after one final season with the Colorado Buffaloes in 2024.

Shedeur’s potential draft prospects in 2024 were considered, but Coach Prime opted to prioritize his son’s development, ensuring he remains in the driver’s seat as the team’s quarterback rather than taking a back seat to other prospects.

Coach Prime aims to live with first born son

Among Deion Sanders’ three sons, Deion Sanders Jr. has chosen a different path from the football field. After a stint as a wide receiver for the SMU Mustangs lasting two seasons, Deion Sanders Jr. decided to pivot away from a football career.

Not one to be confined to the gridiron, Deion Sanders Jr. ventured into the world of fashion by establishing his streetwear apparel line, “Well Off Forever,” in 2016. Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, he has actively supported his father, Coach Prime, in promoting Colorado football through various social media platforms. He even garnered attention for issuing a vow to rise up amid the Buffaloes’ losing stints.

As Coach Prime’s firstborn, he holds a unique position as a son with whom his father can share his journey, especially following his two brothers’ ventures into the NFL draft.

In a recent video, Coach Prime, who recently hit a comeback after 11 surgeries, affectionately referred to his eldest son as “Bucky” and joyfully declared that Bucky is not going anywhere; he’s staying with Daddy. Acknowledging his son’s talent, Coach Prime has consistently praised Deion Sanders Jr., affirming his love and appreciation for the work his eldest son has done in his chosen field. In a heartfelt Instagram story, Coach Prime publicly expressed his sentiments, declaring his love for Deion Sanders Jr.

“I love my son @DeionSanders Jr,” he wrote on Instagram.

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