Deion Sanders discusses Shedeur Sanders’ prospects of entering the NFL, claiming his son is not “backseat rider” for QB Caleb Williams

With Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter this year the luck of the Colorado Buffaloes seemingly totally took a U-turn as they started the season with consecutive victories over TCU, Nebraska, and Colorado State. Furthermore, the Buffaloes’ new quarterback under head coach Deion Sanders is raking stats never before achieved by a quarterback donning a Colorado uniform.

The NFL Hall-of-Famer and his quarterback son’s ongoing success with the Buffaloes is hinting at a great future for the father-son duo. Coach Prime recently disclosed his son’s anticipated timeframe to enter the NFL, continuing the trend of Shedeur being expected to demonstrate his talent at the national level.

Deion Sanders talks about his son Shedeur Sanders’ joining the NFL

Shedeur Sanders joined the Buffs after accomplishing two successful seasons at Jackson State. The youthful star’s agility, arm strength, and precision are sufficient to tear down the defense of the other side.

In his first three games with the Colorado Buffaloes, he has reportedly completed 78.7 percent of his throws for 1,251 yards, thrown 10 touchdown passes, and picked off one pass. Coach Prime does not feel any haste in putting his name in the NFL draft pick, despite the fact that his outstanding athletic prowess already indicates a demand for it.

Deion, who recently also garnered attention for his ever-green sunglass look, cited his son’s record-breaking NIL value as the cause in a recent interview. The coach maintained that his son would continue to play for the Buffs for at least a few more seasons since he believes his son might earn a sizable income before entering the NFL.

Shedeur Sanders
Source: Tim Heitman

“It’s about a whole lot of other things, teams, position, round projection, all of that plays a role. Because now with NIL and who they are, shoot, you can make just as much money here (college) as you can there (NFL) unless you’re one of the first five picks.”

Reportedly, Shedeur Sanders presently ranks as the second-best athlete overall in the On3 NIL 100, just behind Bronny James, with a NIL valuation of $5.1 million.

Deion Sanders backs son Shedeur Sanders against Caleb Williams

Numerous football enthusiasts are already making projections about the quarterback for the 2024 NFL Draft since Shedeur Sanders has already attracted notice as one of the top collegiate signal-callers in the country.

Coach Prime, however, voiced the second explanation for this, closing all doors to this option. Caleb Williams, from Southern California, is already considered to be the greatest pick in the forthcoming 2024 NFL draft. Yet, Deion prefers that his kid be the first selection in his draft rather than coming in second to Williams.

“But Shedeur don’t want to be two to nobody. He don’t get down like that. So, you know people projecting him behind Caleb Williams. But Shedeur ain’t no backseat rider. He drives his Maybach. He doesn’t have a driver in it; he drives it.”

Shedeur Sanders is now ranked second in the country with a game average of 417. Do you believe he will live up to his father’s lofty expectations? Share your thoughts with us below.

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