Conor McGregor declares Irish government ‘servants of the people’, praising the Mayo County Council’s decision on migration

Conor McGregor and MMA both talk together when a debate starts to trigger. Arguably the foremost ambassador of MMA, he is renowned for popularizing the sport into global prominence at a time when public attention was focused on boxing and other martial arts.

“The Notorious” is the one who showcased to the world that mixed martial arts sports exist in the combat sports community as well. The influence of his style has become a symbol for many youngsters, and now they all dream about becoming elite MMA fighters.

Conor McGregor talks about Mayo County Council’s decision on migration

Similarly, like MMA, former UFC champions have now started to become influential in the fields of politics. Recently, Conor McGregor came forward and told the world that he is not looking to become president of Ireland but wants to make 1,000 houses for the people who are still homeless on Irish soil.

There were many other acts of kindness that McGregor made the news about. He once criticized his country’s government for hiding the culprit who murdered the children on Dublin’s streets. At that time, he faced backlash as his social media got on the radar of Irish authorities.

This time, the 35-year-old, who will be making a comeback this year’s June, made a serious comment as a reminder to the Irish government. Conor McGregor questioned the migration policy of Ireland, reminding them that they are servants of people, not masters.

“You cannot expect the communities of Ireland to tolerate this treatment any longer. The government must remember that they are servants of the people, not masters. The Mayo County Council has now voted to cease cooperation with the Department of Integration in a demand for a full reassessment of government protocol on migration. A fair and well-played move. Bravo, Mhaigh Eo.”

Conor McGregor also lauded the Mayo County Council, which voted in favor of a full reassessment of migration. McGregor doesn’t look happy with the long process that his country’s people will face now.

Conor McGregor’s ambition to become president

A few days ago, Conor McGregor showed his desire to become the president of his country. The biggest MMA star has become a new force in the combat sports industry, and with that spirit, he is also trying to bring it into his country’s politics.

On December 4, 2023, Conor McGregor tweeted that being young is capable enough to adapt to the situation that his country’s active politicians can’t. McGregor, being young, active, fresh-skinned, and passionate about the game, is capable enough to listen to the people, support them, and also adapt to their situation.

“The Notorious” also told that he is not against any party, but he wants to vote every week to make sure the work or policies that are being implemented are working or not. UFC’s million-dollar star also assured of providing funds to raise the development standard of the country.

What do you think about Conor McGregor becoming president of Ireland? Will he be able to win people’s hearts like he did in his MMA career?

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