NFL News: Bills’ Leonard Fournette out from practice squad before AFC Divisional game vs Chiefs

The Buffalo Bills showcased an impressive performance, inching closer to realizing their Lombardi Trophy aspirations. Overcoming challenging weather conditions, which initially led to the game’s postponement, they triumphed over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the wild card round of the playoffs with their recent addition, Leonard Fournette.

Amidst the buzz surrounding the Bills’ advancement to the AFC Divisional playoff against the Kansas City Chiefs, attention is also drawn to a significant roster decision. The team has made a noteworthy move concerning their veteran running back, which added intrigue to their upcoming Sunday clash.

Bills cut Leonard Fournette out from practice squad

The Bills have parted ways with Leonard Fournette, as confirmed by coach Sean McDermott in a recent media interaction. McDermott expressed well-wishes for the released player but refrained from delving into the specifics behind the decision. 

The coach emphasized that Fournette’s departure was not linked to any conduct-related issues and commended his phenomenal contributions during his time with the team.

“We wish him well. He did a great job while he was here. I’m not going to get into the reasons why or anything, and it wasn’t anything conduct-wise or anything like that. He did a phenomenal job, so we just move forward and wish him well,” the coach’s statement read, according to

Leonard Fournette joined the Bills on October 30 and was subsequently activated from the practice squad for two games this season. Both of those games resulted in victories for the Bills. His role provided valuable depth in support of lead back James Cook, particularly in games where Ty Johnson was sidelined due to a shoulder injury and in Week 18 when Latavius Murray was a healthy scratch.

In the two contests he played, Fournette showcased his skills with 12 carries for 40 yards and a kickoff return for 17 yards on eight special teams snaps. Despite his impressive contributions and the Bills’ advancement in the playoffs, his journey towards a potential second Super Bowl ring has been abruptly halted as the Buffalo team continues its playoff campaign without the running back.

The former Bill’s player will now face the challenge of competing for a roster spot in the upcoming offseason if he intends to prolong his NFL career. Before his stint with Buffalo, the seasoned running back enjoyed a seven-season tenure in the NFL, spending three seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He later joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020 before clinching his lone Super Bowl in the NFL alongside Tom Brady.

NFL community reacts to Leonard Fournette’s release

The recent release of Leonard Fournette from the Bills’ practice squad has stirred a diverse range of reactions within the NFL fan community. As news spread about his departure, fans were divided in their opinions on this revelation. 

One fan responds to Fournette’s release with an understanding tone, acknowledging the challenging dynamics of the business side of the sport. His comment highlights the Bills’ recent defensive injuries, emphasizing the necessity of making tough decisions in the interest of the team’s overall performance. 

Among them, another fan points out a perceived gap between the player’s public perception on social media platforms and his actual on-field performance. The comment suggests that Fournette may be overrated on social media compared to his genuine contributions and skill level in the NFL. 

Nevertheless, one fan chimed in by throwing a subtle dig at the Bills. He expressed a sense of empathy for the player, as seemingly he was brought in to contribute in challenging weather conditions, only to be released.

What’s your take on Bill’s move regarding their former player? Let us know in the comments section.

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