Conor McGregor graciously thanks Elon Musk for support in Irish government battle: “Appreciated and respected”

Conor McGregor has tried his hands at pretty much everything, from combat to becoming a successful businessman, which has defined how versatile the Irish fighter is. Recently, McGregor has been showing interest in many political scenarios in Ireland.

The former UFC lightweight champion even showed his desire to build 1,000 houses for the homeless in Ireland that could ease the Irish soil from facing poverty-related issues. Conor McGregor’s recent involvement in political matters has already propelled him into the headlines, sparking discussions about the possibility of him entering presidential talks.

Conor McGregor thanks Elon Musk

The first time Conor McGregor actually came forward was when he criticized the Irish government’s migration policy, particularly its measures to verify a person’s identity. Following this, he expressed a desire to provide an alternative to what the current government was offering.

McGregor’s stance against his country’s government caught the attention of one of the world’s most prominent figures, Elon Musk. The owner of Twitter, ‘X,’ made a significant move by posting an audio clip on his Twitter handle, expressing support for opposing the rules set by the Irish government.

‘The Notorious’ expressed gratitude towards Elon Musk for his support towards the people, and both individuals agreed not to endorse anything that could be perceived as contributing to corruption within Ireland.

Conor McGregor tweeted, “Elon, your consistent support on this matter has been truly appreciated and respected! We, the people of Ireland, will never tolerate any draconian/ corruptible bills being passed into law here.”

He also mentioned that the people of the country will not tolerate anything that compromises their freedom. ”We will not tolerate the attempted removal of our freedom to speak our minds and engage in fair, honest debate. A silly and weak attempt to silence opposition opinion is what this is, and we say no! We will fight this all the way if it is attempted to be pushed forward. We will fight it, and we will win. Thank you, Elon; as we say in Ireland, fair play!”

Elon Musk’s statement suggested that if the parliament passing the bill is not in favor of the ruling party and they label it as hate speech, the people of Ireland should scrutinize the situation. According to Musk, the party’s favor should not be a determining factor, and if it is deemed hate speech, it should be considered as such.

Conor McGregor’s stance on Irish government

In December, Elon Musk expressed appreciation for one of Conor McGregor’s tweets. Quoting the tweet, McGregor provided insights into what his government could do for the people and assured that there would be no false promises during the election.

McGregor also took a stance against the opposition, stating that while they aim to gain power and implement changes, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will prioritize the interests of the people.

He emphasized the need for a true democracy and pledged to clean up the government if he were in power, prioritizing public input and addressing the criminal allocation of funds without consideration for the people. McGregor sees the role of the President of Ireland as unique but requiring responsiveness to public concerns, aiming to be a voice for the people who often feel ignored until election time.

What do you think Conor McGregor will do after retiring from MMA to make his way into Irish politics?


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