Conor McGregor’s decision to settle ‘iconic rivalry’ with Nate Diaz jeopardizes possible Michael Chandler bout

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz had one of the most iconic rivalries in UFC history, which took both fighters to fame. Diaz left the UFC and made a name for himself in the boxing circuit, while McGregor has been inactive since his unfortunate leg break but has been busy promoting his Hollywood debut.

Will Conor McGregor settle the rivalry with Nate Diaz with a trilogy fight? Will Michael Chandler’s long wait to fight Conor McGregor end in disappointment?

Conor McGregor wants to end Nate Diaz rivalry

Conor McGregor was handed the first defeat of his UFC career when Nate Diaz submitted him at UFC 196. McGregor made it 1-1 as he won via majority decision in the rematch at UFC 202. Now, the Irishman seems to intend on settling the rivalry with a trilogy fight.

McGregor has been very vocal about making his UFC return but the promotion has made no official confirmation. Nate Diaz, who has had his troubles with the UFC, found a similarity between McGregor’s situation and his own and called for the freedom of the ‘Notorious’ Conor McGregor as per FanSided.

The Irishman liked what Diaz tweeted out and responded via his Instagram stories. McGregor screenshotted Diaz’s tweet and made two Instagram stories with the caption “Haha my bro 100!” and “Iconic rivalry must be settled.” Diaz had earlier expressed interest to fight McGregor at the Las Vegas Sphere.

Mystic Mac liked the idea but when Dana White was asked about it, the UFC CEO made it clear that he was more interested in stacking the UFC 306 PPV at the Las Vegas Sphere with Mexican fighters. Nonetheless, Diaz has a boxing fight lined up against Jorge Masvidal.

Update on Conor McGregor’s UFC return to fight Michael Chandler

Conor McGregor coached opposite Michael Chandler at The Ultimate Fighter Season 31 which set the stage for the two coaches to fight in December of 2023. However, that did not materialize and McGregor announced via X on 2024 New Year’s Eve that he will fight Michael Chandler in June at middleweight.

UFC CEO Dana White when asked about McGregor’s return stated that the promotion is looking for a September return for the Irishman. Nonetheless, McGregor revealed at a promotional event for the Roadhouse movie that he is still hopeful for a return in June. Moreover, at a later promotional event, McGregor revealed that he would make his return this year.

Michael Chandler has had opportunities to fight other fighters but remains stubborn in fighting the Irishman. As such, he has not fought since he lost to Dustin Poirier at UFC 281. For context, Poirier has fought twice since then.

Chandler remains optimistic about the fight happening and even called out McGregor at a WWE event recently. On the other hand, UFC CEO Dana White had even stated that there is a chance McGregor would never fight again.

Do you think Conor McGregor will ever fight again? Leave your thoughts below!


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