Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious conspiracy theory omits Aaron Rodgers’ NFL career

Aaron Rodgers has been totally devoted to the New York Jets since his trade in the offseason. From the front office to the players, the signal-caller made an incredible bond with all. A-Rod’s leadership is necessary for the Jets, as they are leaving no stone unturned to put an end to their prolonged playoff drought.

Off-the-field, Rodgers’ friendly banter with former players like Pat McAfee thrusts him into the limelight as much as his heated brawl with Jimmy Kimmel. The late-night host Kimmel is renowned for his razor-sharp wit, and his recent skewering of Rodgers was no exception.

Jimmy Kimmel hilariously mocks Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers was accused of spreading false information about the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Jimmy Kimmel took to the airwaves to deliver a hilarious yet outlandish conspiracy theory.

Kimmel urged his audience to brace themselves for a story that would “shock” them. With tongue firmly in cheek, he declared, “What the deep state won’t tell you is that Aaron Rodgers never played football. He’s not a football player; he faked his entire career,” Yahoo News.

The late-night show host suggested that Rodgers’ NFL appearances were actually the work of a body double who tragically succumbed to COVID-19. Even Rodgers’ injury with the Jets was not spared, with Kimmel insisting it was all part of the grand deception.

“Fact, first time he played in an NFL game was last year—the week before his first game with the Jets—Aaron’s body double, the guy who played every single game for him before this, died of COVID and they had nobody dumb looking enough to fill in.”

The late-night host even delved into numerology by interpreting Rodgers’s jersey number No. 8 as symbolic of a biblical resurrection. He poked fun at the QB’s choice of jersey number during his brief stint with the Jets, adding to the absurdity of his conspiracy theory.

“And guess what number Rodgers chose to wear when he ‘played’ for the Jets? Anyone? Anyone?” Kimmel asked.

“Eight,” replied Guillermo Rodriguez.

“Eight, that’s right, No. 8. Whoa, wow. That story, by the way, is more believable than what Aaron Rodgers told people happened at Sandy Hook.”

Rodgers earlier took to social media to clarify his stance on the Sandy Hook tragedy. He reaffirmed the importance of learning from such tragedies to prevent further loss of life. Meanwhile, the timing of Kimmel’s comedic roast coincided with reports of the Jets star being considered as a potential vice-presidential candidate by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Aaron Rodgers’ beef with Jimmy Kimmel

The latest altercation between Aaron Rodgers and Jimmy Kimmel stemmed from A-Rod’s remarks on the Pat McAfee Show. The Jets star indirectly referenced Kimmel’s connection to the infamous Epstein associates’ list. Kimmel was perturbed by the insinuation, and threatened legal action.

McAfee issued an apology the following day, acknowledging the seriousness of Rodgers’ comments. The Jets QB himself clarified that he did not explicitly accuse Kimmel of any wrongdoing. He addressed the gravity of such accusations, particularly regarding matters as serious as pedophilia. The veteran criticized Kimmel for misinterpreting his message, stating that he never implicated the host in the Epstein controversy.

This verbal exchange between these two public figures is not isolated, as it stems from a previous conflict between the two public figures dating back to 2021. At that time, Kimmel had criticized Rodgers for his stance on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Rodgers, who has been vocal about his skepticism towards the vaccine, faced backlash for misleading statements regarding his vaccination status. He claimed to be “immunized” against COVID-19. A-Rod still hates vaccines, and his brawl with Kimmel shows no signs of stopping.


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