Suns’ Kevin Durant reflects on “dope” experience following first LeBron James encounter since 2018

Kevin Durant has managed to insert his name among the best players in NBA history with his great ball-handling technique and scoring prowess. The 35-year-old star who is widely regarded as one of the best scorers in the league, has earned numerous awards and achievements over his stints in four different NBA teams.

KD has been at the top of his game since his heydays with the Thunder. Now as the player approaches the twilight of his career, Durant has recognized his fellow legend LeBron James by cherishing their showdown since 2018.

Kevin Durant cherishes preseason showdown against LeBron

Kevin Durant’s Phoenix Suns were against LeBron James’ Lakers in a preseason matchup recently, where the stars were able to face each other again since the 2018 NBA finals. The iconic Finals showdown is the reason the fans always look forward to having a thrilling match-up that involves these two icons.

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After the game which the Suns won with a score line of 123-100, Kevin Durant couldn’t help but be full of praise for his long-time compettitor and friend LeBron James.

Durant said, “It’s always dope being on the floor with one of the best to ever do it, top five best to ever do it……It brings the best out of everybody in the arena, the fans, the workers, the players, the coaches. So, it’s always an honor no matter what the capacity is. It could be a pickup game. We bring the best out of everybody.”

KD and LeBron have been able to achieve so much during their time in the NBA and they know their careers are nearing the end. Kevin Durant and LeBron James showdown might be seen for the last time this new season and fans can only hope they have reserved the best showdown experience for the last.

LeBron James led Heat to victory over Durant’s Thunder in 2012 finals

Kevin and LeBron have had a long-time rivalry on the court since the pair went face to face in the NBA Finals in 2012. Kevin was playing for the Thunder, while LeBron was playing for the Miami Heat.

Eventually, LeBron enjoyed a great game with a 121-106 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder for the NBA title. The legend was exceptional in the game as he averaged 26 points, 11 rebounds, and game game-high 13 assists and was also named Most Valuable Player, winning the title after his third trip to the finals.

Kevin Durant
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Tensions reached a peak during their initial Finals showdown in 2012 when LeBron and the Heat triumphed over Durant and his youthful Thunder squad, leaving them heartbroken. Five years later, they clashed in the playoffs once more, this time with Durant and the Warriors effortlessly defeating LeBron’s Cavaliers.

Presently, although Durant has technically claimed more victories in their playoff matchups, LeBron remains the GOAT, boasting four championships, four MVP awards, and nineteen All-Star selections. When one stacks up Durant’s accolades against LeBron’s, it becomes evident why he falls short of measuring up to the King. 

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