Cowboys dominate NFL viewership with two spots in season’s five most-watched games, continuing 12-year reign as most valuable team

After a rough offseason, the Dallas Cowboys team arranged a mental development session for the player and it imbued so much confidence in them that they kicked off the season with a stunning 0-40 victory over the New York Giants. The squad has already positioned itself in second place among the NFC West teams with three victories thus far.

However, the Cowboys squad’s streak of strong performances allowed the fan base to unite more intensely than before, and the team has already secured spots in the season’s top list of most-watched games.

The cowboys’ two games have earned positions in the season’s top five most-watched list

The Cowboys have a committed and large fan base that has long been recognized for them, and this season is no exception as they have provided those supporters good reasons to do so. With two of their most recent games earning spots among the top 5 most-viewed games of the season, they have once again established their reputation as an NFL marquee draw.

According to, the September 17 game between the New York Jets and the Cowboys reached a milestone of 25.9 million online viewers. The team’s fans’ joy following their fantastic season-opening game was evident; therefore, they did not hesitate to assist the squad in securing the third spot in the most-watched game thus far. The Cowboys were also able to live up to their expectations with a convincing 30-10 win.


However, after an upset defeat against the Arizona Cardinals, Dak Prescott’s team blew out Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots team with a 38-3 victory. The stunning victory led the Cowboys to be the second team after the Kansas City Chiefs to grasp two positions in the list.

More than 23.4 million people gathered online to watch the intense contest, which is currently ranked fifth in the NFL’s most-watched game following Week 4.

 Dallas Cowboys secure 12th consecutive year as NFL’s most valuable franchise

Alongside their winning streak, the Dallas team’s supporters are increasingly active on the field and on social media, and their collective worth is also rapidly increasing.

Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys’ owner, paid a reasonable $150 million for the franchise in 1989. However, as of the 2023 NFL season, Forbes estimates that Jones’s franchise is now worth $9 billion, making it the most valuable NFL team for the 12th consecutive year.

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According to Forbes, the $6.05 billion sale of Dan Snyder’s Washington Commanders and increased television revenue caused the average worth of the NFL’s 32 teams to increase. To $5.1 billion, it climbed by 14% from the prior year.

This illustrious period of the Cowboys was launched in 2015 when the eight-conference championship-winning squad became the most valued sports franchise in the world with $4 billion. Per sources, they were the first American team to earn $620 million.

Do you believe the squad will be able to win the Super Bowl this year considering their steadily increasing financial value and impressive winning streak?

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