Cowboys Micah Parsons accuses national media outlets as “big bullies” for cherry picking NFL stars to criticize

The Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons has proved himself as one of the most formidable defensive troops on the field. Besides arguably being the best weapon on the team’s D-line this season, he also talked in defense of his squad off the field. After their recent loss to the San Francisco 49ers, the veteran directly called out the rival’s tight end George Kittle for his controversial flashing of an NSFW undershirt.

Though the Cowboys safety Jayron Kearse didn’t agree with his take, Micah has remained resolute to tear apart the critics for unnecessary roughness toward his team and his fellow teammates. The All-Pro edge rusher has also recently thrown jabs at the national media outlet for exactly the same reason.

Micah Parsons rips at national media outlets

According to a recent report by Clarence Hill, Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Micah said he wasn’t surprised by the constant media highlight on him. He also bashed them for throwing unnecessary criticism toward the Cowboys squad despite winning matches.

“Nah. I’m the face. I’m giving them their content. They’re basically stealing my content. They’re wrong. They’re doing exactly what I say they’re going to do. Whether we win or lose, they’re going to have something to say,” he said via News 10.

Except for going down to the 49ers and Arizona Cardinals, the Cowboys showcased a good performance till Week 6 and are sitting at the second spot of the NFC East. However, the team has been getting scrutinized for every single loss. The vet said he welcomes healthy criticism, but the media has been “big bullies” toward their team only.

“And people think I’m shying from criticism. No. Criticism is not the problem. Just criticize everyone with the same energy. They’re just as big [of] bullies as these other guys. People decide who wants to give breaks to [who]. I wasn’t raised like that. I treat everybody the same. I talk about everybody the same, give everyone the same benefit of the doubt. That’s the type of real person that I stand on. A lot of these dudes ain’t real.”

The recent outburst of the two-time All-Pro came one week after he bashed the media for constant criticism of both the Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and the team as a whole. The vet also revealed he refused to speak to the media that week after getting fed up with their double standard.

Micah Parsons performance in the NFL this season

Micah Parsons has been playing like an NFL Defensive Player of the Year favorite since the beginning of the 2023 season. On the D-line, he led the Cowboys with five sacks, seven tackles for loss, 11 quarterback hits as well as 41 pressures.

Micah Parsons
Penn Live

This might not be an elite performance, but the 24-year-old has been a lone warrior in the team’s weak D-line, as cited by rapper Li Wayne. Over the first three weeks of the NFL season only, the former Penn State linebacker amassed a total of four sacks, a pass deflection, along with a forced fumble and a fumble recovery.

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