Dak Prescott faces his biggest challenge yet after announcing birth of first child with girlfriend Sarah Jane Ramos

Ever since finding his feet in the NFL, Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott has faced many challenges in trying to create something out of nothing for the fabled outfit. Over the years, he has managed to do just that, and the talismanic signal-caller’s side now ranks among the top franchises in the league.

However, in February, Dak Prescott was handed the toughest challenge of his entire career and possibly of his life: fatherhood. His girlfriend, Sarah Jane Ramos, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and entrusted him with the responsibilities that come along with rearing a child. Let’s find out more about the arrival of the youngest Cowboy fan.

Dak Prescott welcomes first child with girlfriend Sarah Jane Ramos

Since Dak announced that he and Sarah Jane were expecting a girl, the entire Cowboys fanbase awaited with bated breath the arrival of their franchise quarterback’s daughter. Their wishes came to fruition when Sarah gave birth to “baby MJ” in February.

With a beaming smile, Prescott revealed the birth of his baby daughter to the media and talked about how fatherhood has changed him as a person and the added responsibilities he now has to take care of. According to US Weekly, he said, “Yeah I feel different, you wake up in the morning, you see that baby and understand the responsibilities. Everything that I’ve always wanted for myself, but to want that for somebody else even more. It’s special. Everybody’s healthy and at home. We’re blessed.”

The 30-year-old also joked about the fact that he had already started changing MJ’s diapers, but hopes to “pass that job along” the first chance he gets.

Dak Prescott provides update on professional life

Aside from his personal life, Dak Prescott has a lot going on in his professional life as well, especially with the contract season getting closer. After a shock exit in the 2024 NFL playoffs, the franchise QB might be thinking about switching bases and looking for greener pastures. With his contract expiring next year, speculations are afoot regarding the QB’s future in Dallas.

The Cowboys might want to save up on some dead-cap space of close to $36 million by signing Dak up this offseason. And judging by Prescott’s words in his recent chat with the media, both parties seem pretty confident that they will be able to strike a deal before the start of next season.

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