Damian Lillard overcoming personal rivalries with Patrick Beverley for team success

The Milwaukee Bucks stunned every NBA fan when they acquired elite defender Patrick Beverley from the Philadelphia 76ers, in a move aimed at addressing the team’s defensive shortcomings.

Fans were taken aback, not just due to the unexpected nature of the trade, but also because of the unique situation it created with Bucks’ superstar Damian Lillard’s infamous history with the player.

From foes to teammates – A controversial alliance

One of the highly speculated moves during the trade deadline was Patrick Beverley’s transfer to the Milwaukee Bucks from the Philadelphia 76ers. Known for his ability to energize the teams he plays for, Patrick has been a long-time favorite of Bucks coach Doc Rivers.

The Bucks brought in Rivers with the specific goal of improving the team’s defensive identity. When the Bucks traded for Damian Lillard, they had to part ways with Jrue Holiday, losing one of their most reliable defenders.

After parting ways with Adrian Newey, who couldn’t address the team’s defensive issues, the Bucks hired Rivers. In quick response to Rivers’ request, the team acquired Patrick Beverley, one of Rivers’ most trusted defenders from his time with the Clippers.

Damian Lillard
Lillard doesn’t want his past feud with Pat Bev to overshadow their chances of winning a championship via Getty Images

However, fans were left wondering and speculating about how the addition would work out, given the players’ feud history with Damian Lillard. The two players have frequently clashed on the court, and the most recent encounter took place last season when Beverley was with the Lakers, and Lillard played for the Portland Trail Blazers. This remains a distant memory now. But, now both stars understand the urgency to perform and have decided to set their feud aside, for the greater good of the team and to achieve a milestone that neither player has achieved – to win an NBA championship.

Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard and Patrick Beverley go way back via USA Today Sports

Speaking on the addition of Beverley, Damian Lillard said, “He brings an edge and a defensive tenacity on the perimeter that we need. There are not many players who bring it on a nightly like him. I look forward to working together. Our past personal issues don’t trump an opportunity to win a championship.” That being said, it seems as if the two stars are set to give their best alongside the ‘The Greek Freak,’ Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Patrick Beverley’s infamous reputation

Patrick Beverley is arguably one of the biggest trash-talkers in the league right now with his vicious ability to throw superstars off their game, just by his menacing words. Damian Lillard is one of Beverley’s many victims who have failed to perform under the player’s ability to stick closely to his defender while being able to talk smack effortlessly.

Patrick Beverley
Beverley is one of the most menacing guards in the league via USA Today Sports

Soon after Doc Rivers acquired the star, he commended Beverley’s ability to electrify the atmosphere of a team, especially if the team was in a losing situation. While Beverley’s antics are deemed as uncharacteristic, there is no doubt that he brings forth a great tide of momentum which has to be praised.

Along with his trash-talk and electrical energy, Patrick’s defense is one of the sole reasons the Bucks traded for the player. Patrick very often tackles mismatches with ease, thereby putting his opponents in deadlocks, leaving them no room to escape. With the addition of Beverley, the Milwaukee Bucks will hope to recover from the loss of Jrue Holiday and gain their reputation back as one of the best defensive team’s in the league.

Damian Lillard
There is a sense of urgency to win the championship among the duo via Getty Images

What are your thoughts on the alliance between Damian Lillard and Patrick Beverley? Can the Bucks win the championship with that duo? We are eager to know your thoughts on the topic, so feel free to comment below.

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