Doc Rivers hints why Bucks traded for Patrick Beverley

The NBA trade deadline delivered its usual dose of drama, with surprise deals proceeding right down to the wire. One such shocking event saw the Milwaukee Bucks land veteran guard Patrick Beverley in a bid to strengthen their struggling defense.

But the move raised eyebrows, considering Beverley had only joined the Philadelphia 76ers less than a year ago. So, what’s the story behind this unexpected trade? Let’s delve deeper.

Why does Doc Rivers value Patrick so much?

In a trade filled with surprises, NBA star Patrick Beverley announced to his fans through his podcast that he was being traded to the Milwaukee Bucks, following the Bucks’ coach’s persistent chase of the player considering his team’s defense, an issue that was a cause for concern before Doc Rivers took over as the team’s coach.

Patrick Beverley
Patrick Beverley has been a great defender through his career via Getty Images

Due to Beverley’s relationship with Bucks superstar and sharpshooter Damian Lillard, the sudden trade surprised the fans. When Patrick Beverley was on the Lakers, there was an instance where the battle between the two stars heated up and the players had to be separated before the tensions escalated further. Now, the two stars are teammates, thanks to Doc Rivers.

Rivers’ history with Beverley goes back to the Clippers, when the defender played a key role for the team. And with the addition of the player, Doc Rivers spoke highly of the star, rating his various attributes that would help the Bucks succeed. Rivers emphasized the importance and the value he brought to the team, saying, “He’s a very, very high IQ player, especially defensively and even offensively with his movement and setting picks. He’s also an instigator, a big talker defensively. I’m not meaning about talking trash, meaning he talks on defense and I think those are some of the things we need.”

Patrick Beverley
Beverley was traded from the 76ers to the Bucks via Getty Images

There is no doubt that Beverley’s inclusion will bring about massive changes to the team’s struggling defensive identity. With the 76ers, the star elevated the team’s defense alongside reigning MVP Joel Embiid while also being a consistent scoring option off the bench. The 76ers also achieved the 11th best defense in the league with a rating of 113.7. Meanwhile the Bucks are far away in the 20th position with a net defensive rating of 116.7. Beverley’s ability to guard the perimeter will help the Bucks dominate effortlessly.

Beverley’s contagious drive and its effect on the team

While Patrick Beverley is a great defender, he has established his identity around the league with his atrocious trash-talking which has led to the provocation of various incidents in the league, especially with the player’s confrontation with his now teammate Damian Lillard coming to mind.

Patrick Beverley
Patrick Beverley taunted Dame when he was on the Lakers via Getty Images

However, Beverley’s aggressiveness has led to victories and defensive stops on more occasions than one. And it is this sort of aggression and tenacity that the Milwaukee Bucks and Doc Rivers are hoping to find with the inclusion of the player. Throughout his career, it is the player’s will to complete and hunger for success that has helped him thrive making him a sought-after player for contenders.

Apart from his intense aggressiveness, the player also has the insane drive to succeed, instilling a very competitive atmosphere for his teammates. While his trash-talk can be deemed as unwarranted, the star’s antics on numerous occasions have led to confidence boosts for the players playing alongside Beverley.

Doc Rivers is most definitely a huge fan of Patrick Beverley, saying that the player’s spirit was a unique one to find in the league. Rivers also added that the star’s confidence helped raise the level of morale within the team when they were in low situations.

Patrick Beverley
Can Patrick Beverley lead the Bucks to a championship? via Getty Images

What do you think of Patrick Beverley’s move to the Milwaukee Bucks? Will the Bucks win the title this season? How crucial will Beverley be to the team’s success? We are eager to hear your thoughts on Patrick Beverley, so feel free to comment below.

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