Dana White lashes out at Bob Menery after YouTuber claims UFC CEO owes him $250k

Big players in the sports and entertainment industry are increasingly recognizing the value of maintaining relationships with social media influencers. These influencers serve as effective marketing channels on various platforms, aiding businesses in connecting with a younger audience.

UFC CEO Dana White has maintained a close association with the renowned influencer team, the NELK Boys. In fact, he holds an honorary membership within the team and has even stepped in to resolve issues among its members. White recently appeared on the NELK Boys’ FULL SEND podcast.

Dana White slams Bob Menery

Dana White slammed Bob Menery, a former member of the NELK Boys, who had a falling out with the group, in his recent appearance on the FULL SEND podcast. “You can offer him $300 million…he will mess it up in three weeks,” White said of Menery who has a history of falling out with his partners and friends.

“He can’t help himself. If things start to go right in his life and things are going in the right direction, he will sabotage it”, White further said of Menery. “He has to; it’s some kind of mental issue he has in his head that he will blow up anything good that’s happening for him,” White added.

Nonetheless, White remains a close friend of Menery and also has good things to say about him. “Menery has this incredible ability, right? You can be like, ‘This guy, goddamn it,’ you get on the phone with him or you talk to him, and you’re like, ‘I can’t stay mad at this guy,'” White shared his feeling about Menery.

However, White is not a fan of the actions of Menery as he says to Menery: “You are talented, you are funny, you are whatever, but you are a self-sabotaging train wreck.” Nonetheless, Menery has now rekindled his relationship with the NELK boys, courtesy of mediation from Dana White.

Dana Whites sides with Nelk Boys on Bob Menery drama

The NELK Boys and Bob Menery had a falling out, reigniting the issue in the latest episode of the FULL SEND podcast. UFC CEO sided with the NELK Boys in the issue and even confronted Menery in the recent episode. “Bob Meny is number one, absolutely delusional. Let’s start with delusional, okay? There’s no way you can disagree with that. You’re delusional,” White said to Menery on the podcast.

“You start to think that everybody’s making all this money, and I’m getting nothing, and all this. And then, you know, there was the whole, ‘I introduced you guys. If you guys didn’t get introduced, you guys wouldn’t be making doing any of these deals,'” White further went off at Menery citing the reasons he felt for the split.

“None of this relationship between me and the NELK Boys is based on money. ..Kyle, the Shahidis, all these guys… It’s not based on money,” White educated Menery on the need for maintaining a good relationship.

“Bob is a delusional lunatic who believes that everything should be based on money instead of relationships,” White further bashed Menery.

Even in the middle of White’s rant, Menery tried to extract information about the UFC 300 main event from the UFC CEO. A BMF title fight between Max Holloway and Justin Gaethje and a strawweight title fight between Zhang Weili and Yan Xioanan are the two scheduled title fights for the event.

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