Dani Alves Sexual Assault Trail: Ex-wife reveals one important detail during testimony

Soccer is one of the most beautiful games, and it’s players are inspirations to millions around the world. But sometimes some of them go down the wrong path, and it seems Dani Alves is one of them, as he is currently in jail.

The Brazilian has been fighting a rape allegation since the end of 2022 and has been in prison since then. But he is not alone. His trial has already started in a Spanish court, where he is trying to prove himself innocent. But it seems that he has received his own goal from his wife.

Dani Alves wife discloses his alcohol addiction

Dani Alves has been in prison since the start of last year after a case was filed by a young 23-year-old girl alleging that she was raped by the Brazilian in the bathroom of a famous nightclub. His trial finally started on Sunday, where he was allowed to defend himself for the first time.

The victim, along with several other witnesses, were also called to give their testimony. Alves’s wife Joana Sanz was also called and she provided an interesting testimony regarding the night of the alleged rape incident. She has already filed for divorce from her partner since the case began.

The famous model told the court in her testimony that Alves had an alcohol addiction. On the night of the incident, he ‘smelled of alcohol’ and even said that ‘he bumped into several pieces of furniture and collapsed on the bed’. This was after he was out the whole night, with Sanz confirming she did not talk to him because of the state he was in.

Alves has admitted to consensual sex between the victim and him but is adamant that he did not rape her. It seems that his wife’s statements may allow the case to strongly go against him.

What punishment will Dani Alves receive if found guilty?

Dani Alves has been asking for bail frequently since his imprisonment but has been denied as he was considered a ‘flight risk’.

The former Barcelona superstar has repeatedly denied the rape allegations, but his constantly changing statements go against him. He had initially claimed not to know the woman and later admitted to consensual sex.

At this point, it does seem that the Spanish authorities will punish Alves, as enough evidence has been gathered. The country’s laws allow anywhere between 4 to 15 years of prison time in relation to the crime. The state prosecutors have demanded 9 years in prison as punishment, while the victim’s lawyers want 12 years. Furthermore, they want a fine of £130,000 to be paid to the victim.

Any verdict will take more than a few weeks, which means the fate of Dani Alves is still unknown.

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