Oleksandr Usyk ‘sacrificed’ daughter’s birth while training for postponed Tyson Fury bout

Oleksandr Usyk’s path to becoming the undisputed No. 1 boxer in the world hit a snag, postponing his highly anticipated showdown with Tyson Fury. Despite his intense training over the past few months, Usyk now faces an obstacle before claiming the ultimate prize in boxing.

But the Oleksandr Usyk vs. Tyson Fury bout was announced to be rescheduled to the new date after it was discovered Fury suffered a deep wound while training. The fans and whole combat sports community, along with Usyk who sacrificed something very personal for this fight, have been looking forward to this bout for the past year.

Oleksandr Usyk discusses sacrifices ahead of the Tyson Fury bout

Oleksandr Usyk is surely disappointed after what happened a few days ago. Usyk was very confident about winning the bout when he revealed the game plan to win the bout against Tyson Fury. But now the WBA champion is also coming up with a new revelation for the fans: he had something very personal that he missed during this intense training camp. The 37-year-old explained how he sacrificed the precious time of his married life when one more member was about to join his family.

Usyk revealed his wife had to give birth without him, and the sacrifice he made for the bout got postponed. It was his second child, and now he has two daughters. On enquiring about the sacrifice he made for this postponed date, Oleksandr Usyk said, “I’m very happy because I now go to Ukraine. I see my two daughters and my wife. I go to my church and pray. A little bit of rest and back to my camp.” Via. BBC.

He said that he planned to take some time to rest in Saudi Arabia before returning to Ukraine after a few days.

How many kids does Oleksandr Usyk have?

The heavyweight boxing champion has revealed barely anything about his family to the fans. From his wife, Yekaterina Usyk, he has three kids already named Kyrylo, Mykhakio, and Yelizaveta. His wife recently gave birth to a fourth child, and Usyk recently praised her, “I want to go back home, to hug my daughter, to thank my wife.

The wife of Oleksandr Usyk also takes care of Usyk’s charitable foundation, “The Usyk Foundation.” This foundation basically helps the armed forces of Ukraine and helps Ukrainians who suffered during the Russia-Ukraine war.

Oleksandr Usyk has shown a lot of faith while making his way to the top. With 21-0, he already had a big name and got the fans attention after defeating former boxing champion Anthony Joshua twice. Since then, Usyk and Tyson Fury have been compared in boxing debates. Many experts have chosen Oleksandr’s strategic skills over Tyson Fury’s strength and power, even once Fury’s father had doubts about whether his son would win the bout.

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