Days after scary field collision, Patriots QB Mac Jones provides positive update on Isaiah Bolden

When Isaiah Bolden collapsed on the field, his teammates and fans regarded it as the same case as Damar Hamlin and started praying for the defensive back for his quick and strong recovery. Bolden was struck on the head during Saturday’s game vs Green Bay Packers.

Fortunately, after transporting the New England Patriots player to the hospital, it became apparent that he did not appear to be harmed as badly as Hamlin. Now, his team’s quarterback Mac Jones has just delivered more excellent news about his health.

Jones gives encouraging news about Isaiah Bolden’s health

Following a successful rookie camp, Bolden was projected to see a good start in his first year with the Patriots, yet before the regular season he met a serious injury. The player’s injury was not disclosed by the team, but a source familiar with him claimed he had a concussion.

His Patriots teammates knelt on the field before he was carted off the field and was deeply worried about his health. Jones shared an update on his health issues and described his injury as a “scary situation.”

According to Mac, the cornerback is recovering quickly and his ailment is no longer a serious problem. Not only do his teammates feel relieved by the news of his recuperation, but also NFL supporters who are still hoping for a big comeback from him like Damar.

“Definitely a scary situation. He’s doing better… he did give me a smile so that was really good… felt like we made the right move and I’m just trying to pray for him and I’m just glad that he’s doing better.”

According to reports, the rookie player left the hospital early on Sunday and returned home with the team the same day.

Isaiah Bolden carted off after scary collision

After colliding with linebacker Calvin Munson, Isaiah had a head injury. The event occurred with 10:38 left in the fourth quarter of New England’s preseason matchup with the Green Bay Packers. He lay down on the field, suddenly becoming lifeless.

Later, the 23-year-old got taken off the field on a stretcher and sent to a nearby hotel, where he spent the night until being discharged on Sunday. The head coach of the Packers and the Patriots both expressed their sorrow for his injuries, and they decided to call off the game. However, following his discharge from the hospital, he posted on social media to express his gratitude to all of his admirers for their prayers.

“Appreciate the prayers more excited to be back with the guys,” he posted on Twitter.

Despite the fact that the Patriots were in the lead and so were given the victory, the fans were far more joyful with the player’s recovery than they were over the outcome of the game. We wish Isaiah Bolden a speedy recovery.


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