Weeks before starting seventh NFL season, Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes drops humorous take on blown opportunity with Travis Kelce

The Arizona Cardinals continues their struggle under the new offensive coordinator Drew Petzing while the Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs continue illuminating ahead of the regular season by clinching a victory over the Cardinals on Saturday at State Farm Stadium.

Mahomes as usual keeps amazing fans by showcasing incredible throws on a regular basis while his tight end Travis Kelce is also proving his worth on the field and has recently become a consensus first-round pick in fantasy drafts. Besides off-field fun banter, Kelce recently did something on the field that made his quarterback bursting into laughter.

Mahomes opens up about missed Kelce play

The 27-year-old jumped over the line on Saturday and produced an unexpected pass while visibly staying outside of the box. In addition to criticizing him for the pass, the crowd also made a connection between him and his rival player Joe Burrow.

However, the two-time Super Bowl champion himself followed them by tweeting that he was also shocked though the story behind it was anything else. When Pat piled out right, Travis was wholly uncovered down the opposite sideline. It took much time for the quarterback to notice the hilarious incident who later shared the wild act of his friend cum mate on Twitter by tagging him.

Mahomes tweeted, “Can’t believe I missed it.”

Patrick concluded the game with 105 passing yards and a score on 10-for-15 completions, giving the Chiefs their first preseason victory. The Kansas City team rolled to a 38-10 victory, leading the Arizona team by 28 points.

Patrick Mahomes set to start year seven in NFL

The two-time MVP was signed by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017 and has remained with them until this day. This year will go down in football history as the famous player’s seventh with the Chiefs, winning the Lombardi Trophy twice in a span of four years.

In a recent Instagram picture with the caption “Year Seven,” his wife Brittany Mahomes sent more than simply a sentimental message.

Patrick established himself as the most youthful quarterback to win Super Bowl MVP and league MVP since Dan Marino in 1984 in just six seasons while playing for the Kansas City club.

What Is Patrick Mahomes Record? - Metro League

After accumulating 5,614 yards in a single season, he shattered the previous record of 5,562 yards set by former quarterback Drew Brees in the NFL. Along with setting the record, he concluded the regular season with 5,250 passing yards, 358 running yards, and 6 yards. The outstanding quarterback has a 64-16 career record as a starter with the Chiefs.

Pat views each new year as an opportunity to surpass the league’s prior top footballers while setting a new record. Which records the quarterback might set this year remain to be seen.

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