Days after sending an encouraging text to injured Aaron Rodgers, Jordan Love’s game-changing mistake costs Packers

Aaron Rodgers handled his all responsibilities for the Green Bay Packers on the shoulders of Jordan Love and embarked on a fresh journey with the New York Jets. However, Love, who had previously served as Rodgers’ backup for all his seasons, has now stepped into the role of starting quarterback for the Packers in their season-opening game.

While expectations were high for him in the Packers’ week- 2 game, he made a significant mistake that played a crucial role in their first loss of the season.

Jordan Love’s blunder altered the game against the Falcons

Jordan Love appears to be improving his skills day by day, and it was evident in the Packers’ second matchup against the Atlanta Falcons, despite the Packers ultimately falling to the Falcons by a score of 25-22.

Apart from his outstanding playmaking in the game, the quarterback called the plays drew headlines for a critical error by incorrectly assessing a fourth-and-one sneak. Love appeared to be preparing his legs for the run up the middle as he attempted to gain a few extra yards with a QB sneak.

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Unfortunately, the star player failed to receive the ball and instead surged forward into the offensive line, resulting in a hard hit on the Packers. This setback proved costly for the Green Bay squad, allowing the Falcons to gain an advantage as they were awarded a five-yard penalty.

Jordan Love took full responsibility for the crucial error that changed the outcome of the game, saying, ‘Yeah, I just messed up the operation with the cadence on that one.’ Love ran the ball twice for 23 yards, ending the game with 14 completions out of 25 attempts for 151 yards and three touchdowns

Jordan Love reaches out to injured Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers served as Jordan’s inspiration, instilling confidence in the young quarterback to mold his future with the Gang Green. Love is deeply grateful to Aaron for that, and he expressed his gratitude after Rodgers left Green Bay to join the Jets.

However, Rodgers’ season-ending Achilles injury touched the Packers starter, hence following learning the devastating news, the 24-year-old soon reached out to Rodgers by texting the Jets’s quarterback. Following the Packers’ practice last week, Jordan revealed that he was thrilled about Aaron’s fresh start in New York, but his season-ending injury in his first stint with the Jets’ made him sad. 

Jordan Love

Love is aware of Aaron’s resilience as a player, and the Packers’ quarterback wished for his remarkable comeback as soon as possible saying, ‘It sucked. I was excited to see him play. And it sucks for that to happen to him in the first series. I feel for him, [but] I know he’s gonna bounce back and he’ll do his thing in recovery and come back stronger.’

However, this time, both quarterbacks—Aaron recovering from his season-ending injury and Love rebounding from the Packers’ nail-biting loss in their second game—need a strong comeback.

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