Days after throwing a touchdown pass in the Jets’ overtime victory, Zach Wilson receives backup support

Aaron Rodgers’s New York Jets journey was supposed to write history in the Big Apple, yet the vet ended up missing out the entire season due to his Achillies tear. Rodgers’ misfortune spurred an opportunity for Zach Wilson,

Although Zach Wilson has shown promise in the QB room, it wouldn’t be wise of the franchise to rely on Zach alone. Hence, they have stepped-up to promote some of their available options as his backup.

Jets ensure Zach Wilson’s support with Tim Boyle’s activation

Prior to adding Rodgers, the Jets were very concerned regarding their starter role as their offense was apparently falling every season. Hence, with a blockbuster trade, they brought A-Rod, placing Zach Wilson as the seasoned veteran’s backup.

Unfortunately, their sky-high aspirations were trashed by Rodger’s season-ending injury. In the wake of Rodgers’ Achilles tear, the Jets were in need of sorting out their starter problem before the Week 2 game. 

The Jets activated Tim Boyle off their practice squad to the active roster on Saturday. Boyle is now set to show his prowess to back up Zach Wilson under center while operating as the No. 2 quarterback.

This offseason, the Jets signed the 27-year-old quarterback, but they later dismissed him. Boyle will be reunited with offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and Aaron Rodgers, with whom he worked during the 2019 and 2020 seasons in Green Bay.

Wilson leads Jets to season-opening win over Bills

Zach Wilson was surely concerned when Aaron Rodgers joined the Jets since he was certain to lose his starting position for the entire season. Zach has nevertheless failed to prove his impact on the squad since being drafted in 2021 as their No. 2 overall pick.

Zach Wilson

A-Rod however had imbued Zach with the needed confidence upon his arrival from the Packers that assisted the 24-year-old satisfy the Jets management team in their season-opening game. 

As Rodgers was forced to be sidelined after being sacked by a Bills player, Zach Wilson quickly took his spot. He completed 14 of his 21 passes for 141 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. Garrett Wilson’s spectacular reception in the end zone resulted in Wilson’s lone touchdown pass.

Following this performance, the Jets are more assured in the young QB than they were before. Do you believe Zach Wilson will be able to live up to their expectations during the entire season?

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