Aaron Rodgers injury prediction by a fan 2.5 hours before Jets vs Bills kickoff sends NFL community into frenzy

The New York Jets were on cloud nine ahead of the regular season after acquiring Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers. Besides all the big teams in the NFL, Gang Green was projected to be one of the hottest contenders to win the Super Bowl this year, and A-Rod was supposed to deliver them the title glory.

The Jets lived up to the lofty expectations by clinching a victory in their first match of the season, but Rodgers’ injury didn’t let fans have a peaceful day. His injury might be surprising for most of the sports fans, albeit it appears as though one fan already knew that the veteran was going to embrace the misfortune.

NFL fan predicts Aaron Rodgers injury 2.5 hours before Jets vs. Bills game

Rodgers didn’t get the chance to display his MVP-level performance in the season opener as he sustained injury after playing just four snaps. The 39-year-old star fell awkwardly on the field while being sacked by Buffalo Bills’ defensive end Leonard Floyd.

Gang Green’s fans were speculating how well the 10-time Pro Bowler would perform against the Bills. However, one fan stood out in the crowd, and instead, he predicted that the signal-caller would tear his Achilles on the turf.

The fan wrote, “Aaron Rodgers is going to tear his Achilles on a rain drenched MetLife turf in 2.5 hours.”

Unfortunately, his prediction came true, and the Jets’ starter lost his starting job to Zach Wilson at the start of the season. He was later seen entering the X-ray room with his left foot in a boot. Though Rodgers’ X-rays on the ankle were negative, the team will bank on the report of the MRI scan to have a complete assessment of the tear.

The Jets head coach Robert Saleh earlier doubted A-Rod had sustained an Achilles injury. If Saleh’s prediction proves true, the veteran will have to be sidelined for a substantial period of time, and he may not even head back to the field this season.

NFL world outraged over not enough grass at MetLife Stadium

The MetLife Stadium earlier replaced their turf with synthetic surfaces, not the natural grass that fans and players demanded several times. The turf was built to help reduce the frequency of injuries, but it backfired heavily on the footballers. The NFL community couldn’t keep calm witnessing such negligence from the authorities and took to social media to vent their anger on them.

A fan wrote, “Metlife Stadium has been chewing up knees and ankles for years now. Put grass in that stadium or shut the place down! How many more of these do we need to see?”

The artificial turf doesn’t serve a good outcome if not maintained well. On top of that, rain could have damaged the synthetic surfaces of the field. Fans demanded such synthetic turfs be banned to reduce injuries during the regular season.

A person wrote, “Turf fields should be banned. Before the game at MetLife the weather was so bad they issued a shelter in place. A rainy turf field is asking for players to get injured and Aaron Rodgers might’ve just suffered a season ending injury.”

Even the Green Bay Packers’ two-time First Team All-Pro David Bakhtiari blamed the turf for A-Rod’s injury, and fans rallied to support him in this regard.

BR Report tweeted on their X account highlighting Bakhtiari’s claim, “David Bakhtiari sounds off on the NFL’s turf issue following Aaron Rodgers ankle injury at MetLife stadium.”

The Jets are scheduled to face off against the Dallas Cowboys on Monday, September 18. What’s your prediction regarding the match? Meanwhile, do you think that the recently changed turf is responsible for Aaron Rodgers’ injury? You can share your thoughts in the comment section.


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