Days after winning Chiefs players praise with stellar showing, Zach Wilson gets Aaron Rodgers’ “proud” stamp of approval

Zach Wilson couldn’t prove himself to the New York Jets long-time starter in the first three weeks of the 2023 NFL season. However, he indeed fought like a knight and showcased his immense talent on the football field in a jaw-dropping performance against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Indeed, his performance was not enough to save Gang Green from eating a humble pie, but his dedication in the match should not go unnoticed either. Though former NFL stars and fans heavily bashed the quarterback for his performance till week 3, his effort in week 4 forced them to gush about him, and Aaron Rodgers also decided to chime in with his own thoughts on his backup’s performance.

Rodgers expresses pride in Zach Wilson’s performance

During his weekly appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers used a simple yet powerful word- “proud” to express how he felt seeing Wilson’s performance. The four-time MVP sounded like a proud big brother. While discussing the young quarterback’s incredible performance and leadership on the field, A-Rod pointed out the fan’s mentality to positively identify a player’s personal growth over time.

“I think you’ve seen a lot of great leadership growth from him. I think our society at times wants to cancel people, or label people and keep that label on him, regardless of any self-growth, or experience that changes your perspective on life.”

Zach Wilson
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The signal-caller continued saying the former BYU standout has been looked down upon severely despite he is still too young to showcase his full potential.

“He’s been labeled a certain way by people, so when people see this other side, they don’t know what to think, or how to react. But Zach’s a young kid. He’s learning, he’s growing. He’s on his own path, his journey. Very proud of the leadership that he showed. I’m proud of the way he played.”

A-Rod has been staying connected with his fellow New York teammates during his rehabilitation process via face-to-face or text messages and his backup also didn’t miss the opportunity. The ex-Packers vet also revealed he talks with Zach almost every day to check on him, showcasing a pure brotherhood between the Jets QB1 and QB2 duo.

Zach Wilson’s stellar showing against the Chiefs

On the Jets way to a 1-3 mark, Wilson has to digest the majority of backlash. Nevertheless, in Gang Green’s 20-23 narrow loss to the Chiefs, the dual-threat played his best till now, as he completed 71.8% of his passes and recorded 245 yards, two touchdowns, and zero interceptions, along with a 105.2 rating.

Zach Wilson

The 24-year-old even overshadowed Kansas City’s superstar Patrick Mahomes, who was 8-of-16 passing for 135 yards in the match. If Zach has made one mistake in the game, that is his dropped snap at around midfield with nearly seven minutes remaining in the game.

The signal-caller was seen blaming himself for this single mistake while talking to Big Apple’s punter, Thomas Morstead, late in the fourth quarter as the Chiefs’ squad was running out of time. Though he might hold himself responsible for the loss, the whole NFL community rallied on social media to console the young star.

The Jets dream of winning the Lombardi Trophy is now hanging in the air, but if Wilson can continue the form in the upcoming games, the Jets can surely bounce back stronger to end their Super Bowl drought.


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