Months after achieving billionaire status, LeBron James’ daily hustle gets hilarious analogy from former Lakers teammate

LeBron James who is entering his 21 years in the NBA has achieved so much on and off the court. The news of his being declared a Billionaire positions him as the first active NBA player to reach the milestone, though second to Michael Jordan in the sport’s history.

However, as a successful athlete, fans would wonder what his daily life schedule is like, but former Lakers’ and Cavaliers teammate Danny Green has opened up on how exactly LeBron’s daily life is.

Danny Green sheds hilarious light LeBron’s busy life

LeBron James has really dominated the NBA for the past 20 years. When anyone talks about consistency and longevity, his name must be mentioned. Danny Green is a three-time champion has shared the stage with LeBron and won the championship in 2020 in Lakers’ jersey. In a recent episode of the “Run Your Race” podcast, Green hilariously sheds light on LeBron’s busy daily life.

LeBron James
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He said, “His day is so structured. I don’t think he can take a s*** in peace”, Green continued, “I think it’s timed. He’s so used to everything being timed, he’s like, ‘alright, I got two minutes, take a s***.’ LeBron has a lot of fun, but you would never know that by seeing how he operates daily, and you would never know it’s year 20 because he’s just dunking the ball, running around.”

Despite LeBron James’ busy daily life, he always showcases a spirit of consistency on and off the court while aiming for greater achievements and this is why he stands above all others actively in the game. He is eyeing his 5th championship ring alongside breaking records as he enters a new NBA season.

LeBron James enters exclusive billionaire club

LeBron James, a consistent basketball big name has achieved so much in his NBA career. He has won four NBA championships, three Olympic Medals, and 18 NBA All-Star appearances. A recent inclusion to his achievements is that he is now the first active NBA player to become a billionaire.

According to a report by Forbes, LeBron has officially become a billionaire at 37 years old while Michael Jorda was the first NBA player to become a billionaire but only after his retirement.

LeBron James
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Looking at LeBron’s accumulated wealth critically, his NBA career has given him more than $385 million, while the primary source of his wealth is contributed by business ventures and several endorsements, which include Nike, Walmart, Beats by Dre and The Blaze Pizza Chain. LeBron James being officially announced as a billionaire proves the ultimate result of his life-long commitment to his work, but despite his busy life, he is still very committed to the aspirations of the Los Angeles Lakers.

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