Days before starting his 19th NFL season, Aaron Rodgers open to playing until 45

This offseason was full of rumors about the potential marriage between the former Green Bay Packers icon Aaron Rodgers, and the New York Jets. While the Jets did not leave any chance to engage in healthy flirting with the quarterback before enrolling him in their roster, probably their biggest fear was Rodgers’ early retirement.

The trade talk between the Packers and the Jets even hit a major deadlock due to the particular reason. Fortunately, the trade saga came to an end before training camp, and now, Aaron himself ensured that he will be donning the Jets’ jersey for more seasons to come.

Aaron Rodgers sets sights on a prolonged career with the Jets

Tom Brady, the retired NFL GOAT, played in the league till his 45, and Aaron Rodgers being 39 years old still has a handful of years to reach TB12’s mark. However, while speaking with New York Post’s Steve Serby, A-Rod sounded optimistic about earning the feat while marking the new journey in Gang Green as the potential booster working behind the motivation.

“I think if you would’ve asked me five, six years ago, I would have said probably not. But with the change that’s happened and some of the changes off the field I’ve made, I definitely see that now as a possibility, where before I just didn’t think I’d want to, honestly.”, he said.

Aaron Rodgers

The signal-caller tried his best to keep his new in-laws happy, and his effort didn’t go in vain. From the Jets’ front-office members to their young players, he earned heavy praise from almost everyone on the roaster and outside as well. Though the veteran can not provide assurance about his duration in the squad, he said he would make sure not to be a one-and-done player for them.

“Oh definitely, yeah definitely. I’d love to play a few years here, not sure if that few is two, or three or … I mean, five would kind of get me to 45. But I definitely don’t want to be a one-and-done here.”, said Rodgers.

However, playing more seasons in the NFL doesn’t glorify someone’s career as a whole. The California Cool almost remained productive till the end of his career, and even earned a Super Bowl at 44 years old. Hence, the big challenge for Aaron would be to remain fit and productive on his way to a potentially prolonged career in the Big Apple.

Aaron Rodgers looking for new challenges in his 19th NFL season

Aaron Rodgers is expected to make his debut in the Gang Green on Monday Night Football in his team’s Week 1 match against the Buffalo Bills. While the entire Big Apple fanbase is going crazy about his debut, the signal-caller remained excited thinking about his first Monday night game with Saleh’s team.

“You don’t grow up dreaming about playing the 1 p.m. games. You dream about playing Monday Night Football. It’ll be fun to start the season on a Monday night.”, he said earlier this week.

Aaron Rodgers

During Thursday’s press conference, the Jets’ new starter said his next challenge would be to be a focal point of the audience’s cheers on the field.

“It’s going to be good, I’m going to be excited out there with the crowd. I hope to get out there early, get the jitters out in pregame, and go out and try to execute. I just want them [the fans] to show up early and be as loud as possible when we’re on defense. There’s a lot of excitement, for good reason.”

What’s your prediction regarding the match? Do you think Aaron Rodgers would be able to keep up his track record of success with the Jets’ as well? Share your opinions in the comment section.


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