Ex-NBA star drops truth bomb on J.R. Smith’s infamous champagne incident at Cav’s 2016 championship party

After making history in the 2016 NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers finally won their first NBA title. During one of these parties, Cavs’ J.R. Smith had infamously doused a woman who was sporting a LeBron James jersey as a joke.

Richard Jefferson, a player on that Cavaliers squad, chose to elaborate on the situation and give it a hilarious spin years later.

What did J.R. Smith do at the Cav’s title-winning party?

During the Cleveland Cavaliers’ NBA championship parade party, J.R. Smith’s penchant for stripping down to his underwear became a running gag. Smith showed his unbridled joy by not wearing a shirt to the celebrations in Las Vegas after they won the championship.

Smith never changed back his shirt even as the party went on. Smith enthusiastically continued to be shirtless upon the team’s return to Cleveland.

One particularly memorable scene from these celebrations has Smith playfully dousing a woman with champagne. The post-championship celebrations were given an extra dose of hilarity and spontaneity because the woman he wet was sporting a LeBron James jersey.

The Cavaliers’ championship celebration was highlighted by Smith’s shirtless antics and unrestrained passion, which encapsulated the elation that accompany a long-awaited championship victory in professional sports.

Richard Jefferson reveals the truth behind J.R. Smith’s champagne incident

Cleveland Cavaliers fans were celebrating their team’s historic 2016 NBA championship victory. The mood was intense as the club had just accomplished the impossible by overcoming a 3-1 series deficit to win their first NBA championship.

One memorable element of the celebration occurred when the gregarious J.R. Smith doused a woman who was sporting a LeBron James jersey. Right after the incident Richard Jefferson was seen interacting with the woman, and many fans added a comic dimension to Jefferson’s act as an attempt to woo the fan.

Years later, the former Cavaliers man has decided to provide some original context to the happenings of the evening.

“I was merely apologizing for the behavior of my teammate [J.R. Smith]. Good cop, bad cop.”, Jefferson reposted a video that shows him interacting with the woman in the clip, humorously apologizing for his teammate’s actions.

This humorous incident is a reminder of the jubilation and camaraderie that typically accompany professional sports championship celebrations. It captures the joy and excitement felt by everyone associated with a team as they reach their goal.

What are your thoughts on Richard Jefferson’s response on the incident? Do you really think he was apologizing to the woman or is there more to it? Share your take with us below.

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