Days before the Eagles season opener, Jalen Hurts recognizes the challenge of facing well-coached Patriots

Finishing as the third-best player in the NFL players’ Top 100 list for the 2023 season, the Philadelphia Eagles star Jalen Hurts is nothing but enthusiastic about this season. Although the Eagles missed the Super Bowl last season, this year they want to seize the opportunity with a rousing comeback.

The New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will square off in the season opener. The Eagles’ QB expressed his admiration for the Patriots’ strong roster before the game while admitting it would be difficult to defeat Bill Belichick’s men.

Jalen Hurts braces for tough environment at Gillette stadium

Under the wings of head coach Bill Belichick, the Patriots had finished the regular season with an 8-9 record. With their upcoming game on the horizon, Jalen Hurts stated in a recent interview with NESN that the matchup will sure be challenging. He prioritized giving their all while concentrating entirely on their team performance in order to emerge victorious.

“This is a great team. A well-coached team we’re about to play against in a very tough environment. For us, we just have to control the things we can,” Jalen Hurts said.

The Patriots’ defensive unit concluded the season ranked third in yards per play, hence Hurts noted that the talent at every level of the Patriots’ defense made Belichik’s team a challenging opponent.

“They have a ton of athletes on the back end. Their linebacking crew plays physical. They fly to the ball. I think their D-line, they have really good edge rushers. The guys inside do a really good job as well. We just have to execute.”

The 25-year-old was a contentious second-round selection by the Eagles in the NFL Draft of 2020, but he immediately established himself as their ideal QB by winning the starting job at the end of his first year.

Jalen Hurts will face Mac Jones in Eagle’s season opener

At Gillette Stadium on Sunday, September 10, 2023, Mac Jones will welcome Jalen Hurt’s group to kick off the 2023 campaign. The Eagles’ opening game will be on the road for the fourth consecutive year. With regular season and postseason games included, the Eagles and Patriots rivalry has faced off 15 times. The Philadelphia Eagles won 8 games while the New England Patriots took home seven victories in those matchups.

Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts and Mac Jones both attended Alabama State, and both quarterbacks have long served as the foundation of their respective teams. The Eagle’s promising quarterback came off a season in which the Eagles’ first 12 games saw him tally 3,549 offensive yards, breaking the team record. Jones, on the other hand, earned recognition as the 15th rookie quarterback in league history to pass 3,000 yards and score 20 or more touchdowns.

The stats and quality lineups of both teams point to an exciting matchup. Stay tuned for the upcoming update and don’t miss the game.

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