Deion Sanders sheds light on Colorado Buffaloes recruiting strategy in the offseason: “We are not an ATM”

The Colorado Buffaloes team did not receive much public acceptance and commendation prior to the rule of their head coach, Deion Sanders. After stepping into Colorado, Coach Prime brought his own son, Shedeur Sanders, and Travis Hunter from the college he previously coached to prove his coaching excellence, and it can be said he passed this test successfully.

Following the start of successive eras under the wings of Sanders, more and more young talents have been flocking together to end up being a troop of Coach Prime. Hence, the head coach himself took the initiative to let them know his team’s recruitment blueprint.

Deion Sanders talks on recruiting strategy

Deion Sanders’ Tuesday press conference unfolded the thoughts of the Buffaloes coach regarding the grand design they follow in the recruitment process. Coach Prime requested the young players not to see them as an ATM, as they only seek boys with good football sense.

“We’re not an ATM. That’s not going to happen here. If you come to Colorado to play football for me and the Colorado Buffaloes, it’s because you really want to play football and receive a wonderful education and all the business stuff will be handled on the back end if that’s the case. But we are not an ATM.”

Since taking over the role of head coach of the Buffaloes team, Deion Sanders has been rushing to make the Buffaloes a playoff team that former NFL player Matt Leinart also believes in after seeing his efforts for the team. Hence, to be a boy of Sanders, one must have an intent to play in the NFL rather than dreaming only of filling their bank accounts.

You’re not coming here to get rich unless you’re really coming here with a plan to go to the NFL and get your degree … not to come here and be Moneybagg Yo. That’s a rapper, right?”

Though the Buffaloes coach recently failed to abide by the rules of car parking and got his car booted, he is adamant not to accept the failure to fill the spot of the Buffaloes team with an undeserved player.

Colorado Buffaloe’s performance in NCAA

After setting off the season with a 3-0 record, the Colorado Buffaloes team was on cloud nine. Nevertheless, the good times and luck did not last long, as the team soon lost their rhythm and retrieved themselves in the midst of a losing streak.

It started on October 29 during their battle with Stanford, when they embraced a 43-46 loss to them. In almost all games, the team geared up to bounce back, yet the shadow of good luck perhaps left them, letting them digest four consecutive losses since their last win against Stanford.

The coach, once bragged for his son Shedeur, was convinced to boldly take the blame on his shoulders, claiming the recipe for winning is yet to be discovered following the Buffaloes’ loss to No. 12 Arizona, 34-31.

It was a surprising proclamation, as the head coach himself once raised critical questions for his boys as he seemingly found them losing hope because of a downward trajectory.

His honest take came out as the perfect one when his team continued their losing run, letting Washington St. enjoy a 56-14 convincing win in their following weekly game. With the loss, Deion Sanders’ losing streak touched a milestone of five straight losses, per Fox News.

The Buffaloes team is now at the bottom of the PAC-12 with a 4-7 overall record. How do you describe the dynasty of Deion Sanders in Colorado?

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