Former NFL QB believes Deion Sanders likely to transform Colorado Buffaloes into ‘playoff team’ if Coach Prime stays ‘long enough’

Coming off a challenging season, ranking 128th and outpacing just one team in the league, the Colorado Buffaloes’ fortunes appear to have taken a dramatic turn this year. The entire landscape and the team’s losing streak have undergone a remarkable transformation, all thanks to the appointment of Deion Sanders as the head coach of the Buffaloes.

This new chapter in the Colorado team’s journey has elicited a positive response from former NFL star Matt Leinhart, who has shared his hopeful perspective on the future of the Colorado Buffaloes football team under the guidance of Coach Deion Sanders.

 Matt Leinart backs Colorado Buffaloes HC Deion Sanders

The unpopular team got a higher recognition at the hands of Coach Prime while his extensive knowledge and charismatic coaching style have already made a significant impact on the team.

In a recent exclusive interview with Yahoo Sports, Leinhart delved into the subject of Deion and expounded on the coach’s burgeoning legacy in the state of Colorado. The former NFL star passionately believes that with Deion leading the charge, the Colorado Buffaloes are on the cusp of a remarkable transformation, poised to become the team they’ve yearned to be. Furthermore, in this exhilarating journey, Leinhart envisions the Buffaloes making their mark as a playoff-caliber team, reflecting his high hopes for the team under Deion’s guidance.

“Yeah I mean it’s gonna take a couple of years but if he sticks around long enough there’s no doubt that he can turn Colorado into a real player. Like a real, you know, competitive, maybe a playoff team. There’s no doubt about it,’ he said per SPUN.

Recently, the team met back-to-back losses that raised concerns among the team players. Yet, Coach Prime did not lose hope and kept motivating his players, raising a crucial question. Deion’s ability to inspire and mentor these young athletes collected a nod from the former player as well.

” And I know they have struggled but they’re competitive, they’ve won four games, they won one last year. He has made them relevant and recruits are watching. Nobody’s better than Prime going into a living room (to meet parents and prospects).”

Even many people censored him for taking his son Shedeur Sanders on the team and giving him the starter role. Albeit, Deion remained unprecedented in his way of leading the team to win by responding to the critics with his son’s on-field display.

 Colorado Buffaloes performance under Deion Sanders

After the midseason, the Colorado Buffaloes team stands at 4-4, with two losses at home and two on the road. It was the Buffs team who had only one win last season, certainly due to the great leadership of Deion Sanders.

In this process, he found his son Shedeur to play a vital role in the Buffs offense, whom Coach Prime doesn’t want as the draft pick of the upcoming NFL draft. With Shedeurs, Deion brought another gem, Travis Hunter. While Deion is leading the team in the locker room and off the field, the Shedeur-Hunter duo’s supremacy is doing the rest on the field.

Colorado Buffaloes
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Deion is evidently rushing to turn his boys into men on the field, to make them a strong component to claim, “We’re gonna win. We’re gonna win. We’re gonna win.”

In tandem with the squad’s impressive winning streak, Perez’s presence has ignited newfound enthusiasm among the team’s fan base. In the span of a mere year, the team’s status has evolved from being merely a routine contender to a compelling, must-watch fixture on television screens each and every weekend.

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