Despite amassing $70,000,000 net worth, Michael Owen revealed not having bank account till 38

Michael Owen is one of the best players England has ever produced and is still remembered for his 2001 Ballon d’Or win. During his career, Owen played for clubs like Liverpool, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Newcastle United, and Stoke City.

He scored 203 goals in a long career, which saw him become one of the most proficient strikers both in the Premier League and for the England national team. But, despite his prowess on the field, Owen is also known for many other odd things.

Michael Owen revealed not having bank account till 38

Making it into professional football alone is enough to make you set for life. Winning a Ballon d’Or and playing for the biggest clubs? That simply is a cut above the average footballer.

Michael Owen was one of the most in demand footballers during his day, and his salary also reflected that. His current net worth is said to be around the range of $70,000,000, making him quite rich.

But despite amassing such wealth, Owen did not have a personal bank account until the age of 38. The Englishman is just 43 years old now. This is according to an interview he gave to the Athletic.

Michael Owen

As per the article, the Ballon d’Or winner said, “As embarrassing as this admission is, I only recently started using my own bank account, at the age of 38. Up until then, my mother paid all the bills and managed everything.”

“Because I was so young when fame and money descended on me, between my parents and my agent Tony Stephens, pretty much everything has been taken care of for me.”

It’s not hard to understand why, as his agent and parent both helped to keep his mind of financial matters off the pitch. He was only made to worry about the footballing aspect of his money.

The former Ballon d’Or winner’s odd habit of not having tea or coffee

But Michael Owen’s weird stories do not end there. According to the Mirror, the Englishman does not like to drink either tea or coffee, two of the world’s biggest beverages.

Michael Owen

According to former England teammate Peter Crouch, Owen never liked hot drinks. Crouch revealed the information on a podcast earlier, further revealing Owen has only watched three movies.

He said, “Michael Owen’s never had a tea or coffee in his life. He’s never had one. He doesn’t like it. He’s watched three films in his life – genuinely – and he’s never had tea or coffee. Doesn’t enjoy films, or tea or coffee.”

Doesn’t drink tea or coffee, didn’t have a bank account until recently; what other weird stories does the former English Ballon d’Or winner have? Following his brilliant career, Owen currently works as a pundit, commentator, and football analyst, hence it’s safe to say more stories of the striker’s life could be on the way.

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