Premier League icon Peter Crouch finally speaks out after becoming a football meme following embarrassing shot fail on TNT

Peter Crouch and Joe Cole were great footballers in their time. Peter Crouch, at the age of 42, shared the TNT Sports panel with his former England teammate Joe Cole. Prior to the match, the duo had the chance to demonstrate that they still retained some of their footballing prowess. However, this attempt turned out to be a rather embarrassing yet entertaining show.

Cr-‘ouch’ is most likely going to be the tallest in any room. The sight of the 6-foot-7-inch star on the ground caused hysterics amongst his co-workers and the crowd behind the goal.

How did Peter Crouch become a football meme?

Peter Crouch, known for his exceptional skills as a striker during his playing days, has also built a reputation for his humorous personality. Peter Crouch’s unique robot celebration was mimicked by the children of his time.

Over time, his witty and funny side has become more prominent. As a commentator and on his podcast, the former Liverpool player consistently entertains listeners with his humour. It seems that he once again managed to evoke laughter, although perhaps not entirely intentionally, on this occasion.

Recently, Peter Crouch, in an attempt to have a kick of the ball, delivered a box-office comedy show instead. Crouch and Joe Cole took part in a crossbar challenge as part of the pre-match buildup on TNT Sports for the Premier League match at Molineux.

In a lighthearted moment, the former Liverpool forward attempted the challenge immediately after Cole’s turn and comically slid, seemingly ending up with his face touching the ground.

In Lynsey Hipgrave funny remark, he said, “I knew someone was going to fall,” as Crouch mocked the circumstance. He stood back up and added, “Whose made me do this for god’s sake.” Lynsey said this before shaking hands with Cole, who immediately started laughing.

Following Peter Crouch’s rather comical mishap, the video of his unsuccessful attempt at hitting the crossbar went viral. It’s an amusing sight to behold, and it’s safe to say that only the former England international could find himself in such a situation.

Peter Crouch breaks silence after becoming a meme

Chelsea legend, Cole, 41, attempted a crossbar challenge out on the Molineux pitch, but his attempt came up short as it went below the crossbar; his effort was too low for the woodwork.

Peter Crouch proceeded to take the next but slipped embarrassingly on his backside, and his effort went completely off target. After his shameful attempt, Peter Crouch said, “Who has made me do this for god’s sake?.”

Cole replied: “Exactly what TNT Sport wanted.”

Crouch, with another exhilarating response, said, “You know what,” responded Crouch. “This is why you make me do these things. I’m going to be a meme forever now! Absolute disgrace.”

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