Despite public criticism of HC’s awful tactics from Josh Jacobs and Davante Adams, Raiders’ owner defends Josh McDaniels from irate fans

The Las Vegas Raiders have lost their last three games in a row, dropping them to 1-3 following week 4. However, the Raiders supporters and players lost faith in their squad and were not shy about harshly criticizing head coach Josh McDaniels for the team’s losing streak.

On the other hand, the Raiders owner Mark Davis is the one who never lost his confidence in his head coach and continued to stand up for him in front of angry players and supporters In response to this turmoil.

Raiders players angry with HC Josh McDaniels

In January of last year, McDaniels assumed control of the Ridershas. However, the Raiders winning streak started to wane once he was given a significant role. Following the team’s most recent defeat in Week 3, McDaniels has a record of 17 losses in 28 games over his first three seasons as an NFL head coach.

Josh Jacobs who signed a new deal with the Raiders this season and Davante Adams, two seasoned Raiders players, publicly stated their displeasure with their head coach, indicating that the team’s players are not satisfied with their record. Jacobs expressed his public displeasure with his own team’s lack of discipline under McDaniels and later claimed he was sick of losing. Adams reiterated the notion, claiming that the Raiders were not establishing a winning culture in the proper manner.

Marcus Peters is the most recent member of McDaniel’s group to join Jacobs and Adams in standing in the opposite row under these circumstances. Recently, the cornerback liked an Instagram photo with the contentious message, “Fire Josh McDaniels.”

Marcus Peters was signed by the Las Vegas Raiders early in camp after the Baltimore Ravens released him during the previous campaign.

Raiders owner fires back at angry fans

After the Las Vegas team’s 24-17 defeat to the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, the stadium’s spectators could not contain their rage toward the team’s head coach. The crowd immediately voiced their displeasure with McDaneil’s coaching abilities by yelling for the head coach to be fired as quickly as possible.

However, as can be seen in a video provided by Mrubba_HP on TikTok, this time the team owner decided to back his head coach. After hearing their audacious allegation regarding McDaniels, Mark Davis was seen requesting the crowd to “smarten up.”

Before the game, the supporters vented their annoyance on social media about McDaniels’ decision to kick a 26-yard field goal as opposed to attempting to tie the score. The Raiders supporters immediately ripped the head coach with disparaging remarks because it didn’t sit well with them.

After these consecutive losses, is Josh McDaniels’ job in Las Vegas still safe?

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