Despite siding with Floyd Mayweather 6 years ago, rap star Nicki Minaj garners praise from Conor McGregor for recent “incredible” feat

Despite Nicki Minaj siding with Floyd Mayweather in the historic fight against Conor McGregor, there apparently seems to be no grudge lingering on McGregor’s part. Recently, the Irish UFC superstar took to social media to praise the Trinidadian singer, indicating a positive shift in their relationship.

The beauty of the combat sports realm often lies in the transformation of adversaries into comrades and foes into allies. Conor’s gesture serves as a testament that keeping any resentment toward Minaj for merely aligning with a former opponent makes no sense.

Conor McGregor lauds Nicki Minaj’s “incredible” feat

For a long time now Call of Duty has been a favorite game among the younger generation. Its captivating storyline, cutting-edge graphics, diverse multiplayer modes, and a plethora of exhilarating features have captivated gamers across the globe for many generations.

The latest iteration of Call of Duty introduces a compelling feature which is the option for gamers to select Nicki Minaj as a playable character within the game. This addition to the gameplay has sparked considerable enthusiasm within the gaming community.

The former two-division UFC champion expressed his fascination with the concept of gamers now being able to choose Nicki Minaj as a character in COD. As a friendly gesture, Mystic Mac took to his social media platform to share the exciting news and extended his congratulations to the pop star.

Rapper sided with the boxer in 2017 Mayweather vs McGregor showdown

Six years ago, a historic boxing showdown took place featuring Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. The undefeated American boxer defeated the former lightweight champion of the UFC in the tenth round.

Nicki Minaj was an active participant in the event, showing her support to ‘Money’. However, her involvement extended beyond being a mere fan or supporter. She also graced the pre-fight concent with a stunning performance.

The iconic fight pitting “The Notorious” McGregor against “Pretty Boy” Mayweather, shattered previous financial records becoming the second-highest grossing in pay-per-view history.

What is your take on the shift of dynamic in the relationship between Nicki Minaj and Conor McGregor? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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