Despite victory over Texans, Ravens suffer huge loss as RB JK Dobbins gets injured

With a convincing victory over the Houston Texans, the Baltimore Ravens began their regular season campaign. However, the game came out ominous for their RB JK Dobbins who just doesn’t seem to be able to leave injuries behind.

Since his second season in Baltimore, the running back has struggled with injuries. After being able to declare himself 100% healthy for the first time in three years, the Ravens’ running back is once more prone to injuries, which has caused his team to worry about their RB room.

Injury Update on JK Dobbins

After ripping his Achilles in the Baltimore Ravens’ season-opening game, J.K. Dobbins added his name to the season-ending injury list. The catastrophic injury was revealed five minutes after the halftime of their first game of the season. The running back will likely miss the rest of the season as a result of his Achillies rupture.

Coach John Harbaugh of the Ravens voiced his concern over Dobbins’ injury after the game. The head coach also wished for his speedy recovery and early return to play.

“Just kind of crestfallen for him. We will put our arms around him, and he’ll get into rehab, and he will be back [next season]. But yeah, it’s really hard for him,” the head coach said about JK Dobbins.

The running back missed 43 of 67 games during the course of his professional career due to injury, and he is now set to miss the final 16 games of 2023.

Ravens beat Texans in NFL game week 1

In their Week 1 match against the Houston Texans, the Baltimore Ravens team claimed their first victory of the season with a 25-9 triumph. The Ravens played at a professional level on offense and defense equally astute, recording 7-0 in the first quarter.

JK Dobbins

In the second quarter, the Texans battled back to demonstrate that they would not allow the Ravens to secure an easy victory. The Texans scored six points to make the final score of the second quarter 22-6. The last quarter saw both sides settle for a field goal with no significantly remarkable plays.

The Ravens receiver JK Dobbins managed 22 yards and a touchdown on eight carries prior to getting hurt. Gus Edwards and Justice Hill will now alternate carrying the ball for the Ravens’ running backs, while Melvin Gordon, a former Pro Bowl running back, may also be added to their active roster.

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