Raquel Rodriguez claps back at Rhea Ripley with Dominik Mysterio jab ahead of title defense at WWE RAW

Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez have been in a bitter rivalry since The Eradicator of Judgment Day, which essentially cost Rodriguez and Liv Morgan the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Raquel was supposed to get her revenge in Payback, but things didn’t go as planned due to Dominik’s interference.

However, a rematch has been announced, which will be held on the next episode of Monday Night Raw. While on that, Raquel took a dig at the Women’s Champion in a tweet.

Raquel Rodriguez claps back at Rhea Ripley

WWE female superstar Raquel Rodriguez will get another shot at Rhea Ripley’s WWE Women’s World Championship. Just days after Dominik Mysterio helped Ripley defeat her at WWE Payback 2023, Rodriguez went into Monday night’s episode of “Raw” looking for another opportunity.

Rodriguez was seen meeting backstage with Adam Pearce, where an agreement was made. Raquel made it known that she was getting a rematch against Ripley on the next episode of Monday Night Raw, and to make sure that the playing field was level, Pearce ordered “Dirty” Dominik to be banned from ringside during that match.

As the match is getting near, Raquel isn’t letting the opportunity slide, as she taunted Rhea in a recent tweet. She wrote: “A little piece of me is gonna miss Dom Dom too…A very little, tiny, microscopic piece. 🤏 #WWERaw #andNEW”. It was a poke indicating the absence of Dominik at the ringside in the upcoming match.

Rhea Ripley set to defend her title against Raquel Rodriguez

Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley successfully retained the Women’s World Championship title against Raquel Rodriguez last week at WWE Payback 2023. During the match, Judgment Day’s Dominik Mysterio got involved in the bout, and this helped Rhea secure the victory.

On the next episode of Monday Night Raw, Rodriguez will battle The Eradicator once again for the Women’s World Championship. However, Dominik Mysterio will be banned from ringside during that title match.

The Women’s World Champion has even delivered a message ahead of her title defense tomorrow night. Ripley took to X today to warn Rodriguez. “See you tomorrow Pendeja #WWERAW #MondayNightMAMI,” Rhea Ripley wrote on X.

Do you think Raquel will be able to secure a victory? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below!

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